Give Clients Early Warning

What can you do for your clients that the competition doesn’t do?

As a bookkeepper/accountant you may want to take a tip from a Michigan pharmacist: Supply them with information they need to operate more efficiently. Carrie Zollner of Detroit Medical Arts in Highland Park lets local doctors know which specialized medications her store carries–before they or their patients need to search for the products.

Zollner says she started the early-warning service after overhearing consumer complaints of running all over town to fill certain prescriptions. Most pharmacies didn’t handle them, she explains, because the medications were new, or the stores just didn’t want to deal with them.

Her own feelings are different, and she lets her clients know it with fax alerts. It’s a simple job, Zollner says. “I look at who’s writing the prescriptions, and then I fax those doctors, letting them know I’m willing to stock this item.” She uses the fax on the grounds that “everyone looks at them because they might be important.” People are more likely to overlook letters, she thinks.

The results? Business for some of her store’s specialized products is up, and she has the satisfaction of knowing she’s improved her client service.

Your clients will similarly appreciate your effort in keeping them up to date. Keep up on changes in technology and software that may impact the way your client does business. Watch for industry trends that may be helpful to your client. Keep up on changes in the tax law and broadcast the information to those that will most likely be affected. Your best sources of information are trade journals and newsletters. Subscribe to magazines and newsletters that will keep you up on tax, accounting and your client’s industry.

You’ll be most efficient if you notify them either by fax or e-mail. Just write a short note summarizing the information and invite them to call you if there are any questions. Attach the article only if it’s impossible to shorten it. Your clients will appreciate the brevity.

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