Guerilla Marketing Tactics – Part I

10 Inexpensive Ways to Get Noticed

A tall line of megaphones.Every business owner should be looking for innovative ways to get more exposure. And unless you’ve got money to burn, you probably can’t afford to schedule that Super Bowl commercial right now. But there are inexpensive ways to get the attention that will draw more clients your way; guerilla marketing is key.What, exactly, is guerilla marketing, you ask? Well, in 1983 it was the title of Jay Conrad Levinson’s book on advertising for small to mid-sized businesses. Since then the term guerilla marketing implies the use of unconventional marketing tactics for a minimal cost in order to get maximum results. We’re guessing that you would be interested in employing a few low-cost, high-impact marketing techniques. Here are just five of 10 guerilla tactics for you to try:

1. Nominate yourself for an awardThere are lots of contests and awards that accept nominations. Nominate yourself for one. And once you’ve been nominated issue a press release announcing your nomination. This becomes an opportunity to get free press, running your name and contact information in the local paper where readers will associate you with that accomplishment.2. Stage a protestGather your friends and family and have them picket your storefront with signs declaring exemplary service or professional accounting expertise. Make a big hullabaloo of the staged event and perhaps you’ll get free press coverage on the news or radio. Either way, passers-by will take notice and remember where you are located.3. Hold a memorable contestBefore moving to another state, I was an avid listener of this particular radio station known for its bizarre contests. In just a few months I remember them sponsoring a donut-eating contest, a dunking contest (held in the winter), a costume contest, and an improv rap contest. Radio stations realize that these crazy contests generate a lot of attention and get people to tune in when they might not otherwise. One of these wacky contests could, like number 2, get you more free press from a local news or radio station.4. Provide gifts to trade show attendeesThis can be especially beneficial if you live in a large town frequented by trade shows. Look for those that target small business owners who would benefit from your services. The night before the trade show begins, give attendees a special gift: a tote bag, aspirin, candy, or a miniature tube of toothpaste or bottle of hand lotion. Whatever you give, be sure to include your contact information. While trade show attendees get their fair share of swag, it generally doesn’t come the night before the trade show begins. In this respect you’ll stand out and be remembered.5. Bookmark your business cardFliers have lost their appeal. People don’t pay much attention to the paper folded under their windshield wipers. The problem with this approach is that it’s difficult to reach your target market with such broad marketing strokes. That’s why we suggest placing copies of your business cards inside relevant library or bookstore books on accounting or financial management for the small business owner. You’ll get noticed at the same time your potential client is looking for information or services you can offer.

The important thing to remember about guerilla marketing is that it accomplishes two or more of the following: takes advantage of another’s resources, offers an incentive, generates lots of attention quickly, promotes your business in a positive light, helps potential clients remember you, and gets your contact information out. And most importantly, it should never come with an outrageous price tag. So if you’re looking for easy, inexpensive ways to get positive attention for your business, try one of these five guerilla marketing tactics. Come back next week for five more.

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