Guerilla Marketing Tactics – Part II

10 Inexpensive Ways to Get Noticed

A man using a megaphone.It’s a jungle out there, and in order to stand out from the crowd, sometimes you’ve got to employ guerilla tactics to get the job done. No, we’re not talking about military warfare. We’re talking about marketing for your small business.Guerrilla marketing is the use of unusual tactics in order to get maximum exposure without breaking the bank. Last week we shared 5 of ten inexpensive ways to get your business noticed. This week we’ll share five more:

6. Practice random acts of kindnessNothing makes a better impression than going out of your way to be kind to someone. And better yet, imagine how powerful those random acts of kindness can be when they’re done for complete strangers. Kindness is inexpensive but carries quite the impact. Consider paying the toll for the person behind you and ask the attendant to give the driver your compliments along with your business card.7. Give a Client of the Month awardYou should focus some of your attention on retaining clients as well as on getting new ones. In fact, you’ll save much more money holding onto clients than you would in trying to replace current clients with new ones. One way to inspire loyalty is to give a Client of the Month award, because, really, who doesn’t like to be recognized? It doesn’t cost much money for a small plaque that your client will probably appreciate and display. Consider how much more likely this client will be to refer you to their friends and family. Not only that but your contact information, as shown on the plaque, will also get you some free publicity as well.8. Tie yourself to a local or current eventConsider local or current events that typically garner a lot of media attention. How might you take advantage of these events in order to secure some free air time? Consider tax season and how much coverage that topic gets just weeks before the filing deadline. That’s an example of a current event that tax preparers could take advantage of. Once you determine an event that complements your accounting services you should offer free expert advice on a local news or radio station. Volunteer to write an article for the local paper. In riding the media wave associated with the event, you can get a lot of exposure and release your contact information to countless listeners and readers.9. Get your own newspaper columnUnlike number eight, this tactic will get you regular exposure. Small newspapers are often looking for professionals who can write advice columns regularly (and for little, if no, money). But you’re not looking to make money as an advice columnist; you are looking to get exposure and have countless individuals become familiar with you and the quality services you offer. And once you’re regularly published, and touted as an “expert,” readers will think of you first the next time they need an accountant.10. Create your own holidayIt sounds crazy, we know, but it will get you the attention you’re looking for. Create a kooky holiday: the crazier the better. The Hug Your Accountant Day, the Piggy Bank Holiday, the Send-a-Dollar-to-Work Day. You name it, and then celebrate it in a visual location with freebies, treats, and lots and lots of business cards. Who knows, the local news station just might stop by to take a look.

With guerilla marketing, all you need is some creativity and the courage to expose yourself (tastefully, of course!). Pick one or more of these or last week’s ideas and give them a try. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your business the attention it deserves. And who knows, you may have some fun along the way.ReferencesLautenslager, Al. “In Your Face! 10 Crazy Marketing Stunts.” 12 June 2006. AOL Small Business.Lautenslager, Al. “10 Marketing Tactics Under $10.” 3 October 2006., Jay Conrad. Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business. Hough Mifflin: Boston, MA, 2007.