How Flexible Are You?


flexibilityIn this economy, the race isn’t won by the quickest, but by the most agile.  As you rethink your business, consider your flexibility.  Unlike large corporations that are unable to quickly change course, small businesses have the advantage of being quick and nimble, which just might be their saving grace.The current recession is requiring many entrepreneurs to adapt and evolve their businesses, altering their approach to better suit the ever-changing market and consumer needs.  So stretch yourself as you consider how you might improve your flexibility by applying the following four tips.

1. Take advantage of technology

If you’re not careful, you could miss the technology train and all the great, economical marketing techniques that go with it.  The following two suggestions will lure the technologically savvy and/or those that are impressed with your ability to remain current:

Build a Business website. If you don’t already have a website, you should get one.  Progressive businesses have an internet presence; it speaks volumes of their professionalism and ability to keep up with current trends.  A good website will represent you well and increase your clientele.  It will also work 24/7 as a virtual receptionist, getting the word out about your business while you spend your time doing what you do best: accounting.  And if well developed, your business website can act as an inexpensive marketing tool and a good point of contact.  It can also help to further brand your business.

Universal Accounting Center (UAC) has a website development tool, available exclusively for accounting, tax, and bookkeeping professionals.  Visit our Accountweb site to learn more about how you can have a website of your own in a matter of days.

Take advantage of social networking.  From Facebook to Twitter, more and more businesses are taking advantage of social networking tools in order to broadcast news about their services, and most of these tools are free!

2. Rethink your marketing strategy

The same old approach you’ve used in the past probably isn’t very effective in this current financial climate. If you build a business website and take advantage of social networking, you’re on the right path.  Also consider other demographics that might now find your financial services especially helpful.  And don’t give up on prospects.  The recession has caused many to be more selective when it comes to spending their money; often this means that prospects take longer to commit. 

3. Listen to your clients

They can best tell you how to alter your approach in order to better suit their current needs.  Tap into their expertise as consumers to determine what they’re most concerned about; while you may not consider this a service your currently offer, you would be surprised at how appreciative your clients become when you resolve their financial concerns.  And isn’t that your expertise?

4. Expand your services

In listening to your clients and trying to better meet their needs, you will find that many desire you to expand your services.  Becoming a one-stop financial shop would be much more convenient for them, and lucrative for you!  Adding tax preparation services to your menu will increase your clientele while making your services more appealing to current clients.

The Professional Tax Preparer Program!Universal Accounting Center’s tax preparer program contains all of the following:

  • Video Instruction
  • Full 1040
  • Full Business Returns (1065, 1120, 1120S)
  • Step-by-step instruction in starting a sole practitioner
  • One Year Follow-up Support from expert tax preparers

And while many programs will lecture you on tax law and preparation practices, Universal’s program is effective because it provides the practical application that will perfect your skills.  Theory is taught as guiding principles, but the focus is on actually doing taxes to gain proficiency.The PTP course consists of 20 hours of video training. Most tax preparation courses include books and some worksheets. Our training is very engaging and entertaining as seasoned tax preparers give practical advice on not only tax issues, but provide real-world solutions to give you the edge in productivity and profitability. Our instructors know what challenges you will face because they have been there themselves.To be honest, you don’t need a Professional Tax Preparer designation to prepare taxes.  Currently, there are no qualifications for any individual to complete tax returns.  But in today’s world of complex tax laws and increasing tax fraud occurrences, tax payers are looking for specialists with credentials.  It affords clients peace of mind to know that the individual they’re working with is qualified and knowledgeable.  It also affords the tax preparer peace of mind to know they’ve been properly trained.  Universal recognizes the value of a professional designation and awards the Professional Tax Preparer designation to those who successfully complete the program.Modules in the Professional Tax Preparer program include the following:

Module 1: Establishing the Tax Foundation

Module 2: Becoming the 1040 Expert

Module 3: Profitable Business Returns

Module 4: Building Your Successful Tax Practic

In just 20 hours you will be ready to face tax season with confidence and ease.  One tax season alone will prove lucrative enough to pay for the program 3 times over!  Increase your flexibility, and enroll in the Professional Tax Preparer Program today!

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