How to get a new client every week

In this article, you will learn an incredibly effective marketing strategy for growing your accounting and bookkeeping business.

In creating an accounting and bookkeeping service, there are steps that work every time in marketing. For the best way, see: The best way to market an accounting and bookkeeping service Another approach in creating your own service is to contact those businesses with which you do business.

Your business contacts.

Small businesses that you deal with as a customer tend to be a great source of clients. These contacts are often overlooked. At the end of this newsletter is a list of businesses that are traditionally small, that you might have used at one time or another. As you are reviewing this list, note the names of businesses that you want to notify in regard to your services.

Working with other businesses requires a professional image to achieve respect. A letter is a good way to begin.

Learn accounting and bookkeeping tips, tricks, and shortcuts with our tutorial training courseThis letter tells them that you are starting your own bookkeeping and accounting business. As a customer of theirs, you would like very much the opportunity to show them how you can assist them in running their business better.

In our course we have a sample of a letter that works terrific. I can’t show it here because I have to save some secrets for the course.

In the second paragraph you emphasize two very important points. First, you state that you have an accounting system uniquely designed for their specific business. Secondly, you explain that you will customize the system so that they can do the whole thing alone, you can do it with them, or you can do the whole thing yourself. It’s up to them. This let’s them know that you are there to help them.

Finally, in the third paragraph you announce that you will be in the area at a certain time during the next three or four days, and that you will stop in. (Be sure to make a note in your calendar to drop by at the appointed time.)

Try to be there about five minutes early. It will make a positive impression and also provide a buffer in the event that you run into unexpected traffic jams. If you can’t make it on time, be sure to call them, and let them know you need to reschedule.

You will want to send out only ten letters per week . No more — no less. Initially, this might seem like a small number. That’s alright. At first you will want to spend more time rehearsing and reviewing your presentations. Later, as you start setting up new clients, and follow up on past visits, ten letters will seem like a lot.

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Here is a list of some of the businesses you may work with, (just to get the creative juices flowing):

Appliance Sales
Appliance Service
Auto Rental
Auto Glass
Auto Body Shops
Auto Parts
Auto Repairs
Beauty Salons
Boat Dealers
Bowling Alleys
Brick Masons
Cabinet Makers
Car Washes
Carpet Cleaners
Carpet Layers
Computer Sales
Computer Service
Computer Software
Day Care Centers

Elect. Contactors
Fitness Centers
Gas Stations
Golf Courses
Health Foods
Insurance Agencies
Lawn Care Services
Machine Shops
Massage Centers
Miniature Golf
Mobile Home Sales
Mobile Home Service
Moving and Storage
Music Stores
Pet Care
Real Estate
Recreational Vehic.
Refrigeration Sales
Rent-All Stores
Repair Shops
RV Rental/Sales
RE Repair
Sand and Gravel
Sewing Machine
Sprinkler Installers
Sprinkler Service
Stereo Sales
Stocks and Bonds
Swimming Pools
Taxi Companies
Towing Services
Travel Bureau
Typewriter Repair
Used Car Lots
Video Rentals
Water Softeners

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