How To Make a”Cattle-Call”Interview Work for You


Group Interviews are More and More Popular-Make the Most of Your Group Interview

Get you the job you want. A well-rounded skill set and the ability to work well within a team environment will make you shine in a group interview.Group Interviews or “Cattle-Calls” give a prepared job-seeker a real opportunity to demonstrate his or her ability to work well within a group to problem solve. In fact, many hiring officers use group interviews to determine who is the most qualified with that particular skill set.Before he retired, Curtis Hanson, former chief deputy of the enforcement division of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Portland, Ore., utilized group exercises, testing up to eight candidates at a time. He found it very effective for demonstrating who worked best in a group.’‘We wanted to determine how the candidates performed in group settings … and the most important … was the ability to respond appropriately, contribute to the growth or forward movement of the discussion and to seek consensus,” Hanson said.Candidates who tried to impress the assessors by interrupting others revealed they were not team players, Hanson said. ”I’m also an actor and have endured numerous ‘cattle call auditions.’ Believe me,” he said, ”there is no comparison between them and a group evaluation exercise!”

Being a Part of the Group Interview is a Good Sign

Many employers use a group interview to pick the best two or three candidates from the hundreds of applicants and resumes they receive. Director of admissions at Westwood College, Bruce Jones typically schedules two group interviews for about 15 applicants for jobs.”I let them know they’ve made the cut from over 100 candidates,” said Jones. The group sessions are ”mutually beneficial” because they save everyone time, the applicants get important information about the job and the institution — and each job seeker ”gets a chance to stand up individually and give a two-minute verbal resume.”Jones likes this method because he gets to meet in person more applicants than he otherwise would have time to interview. ”I’ve had resistance to the format up front because of the ‘cattle call’ connotation,” he said. ”But afterwards, almost every applicant genuinely thanks me for the opportunity …”

Accounting Professionals Play a Critical Role and Are in Demand

According to *Robert Half International, the worlds leader in staffing for accounting professionals, “As companies strive to enhance corporate governance and meet escalating customer demands, they are expanding their accounting teams. Hiring activity has accelerated nationwide, leading to increased competition for skilled accountants at all levels.

“Small companies are hiring bookkeepers to handle their basic accounting requirements, including processing payroll, managing general-ledger reconciliation’s and overseeing accounts payable and receivable.”-Robert Half International

According to Robert Half International, “Businesses seek applicants who take proactive steps to build their skills and knowledge through classes, seminars and membership in professional organizations.” 86% of hiring managers surveyed described this type of preparation beneficial to an employee’s career.If you want to advance within the accounting department in your present job, this is valuable information. There isn’t a better and more complete program to build your small business accounting skills.

The Professional Bookkeeper Program Will Prepare You for Working in Small Business

Since 1979, for over 25 years, Universal Accounting has been teaching the ins-and-outs of small business bookkeeping and tax preparation. We’ve been called the small business accounting experts. The Professional Bookkeeper Program has been used by thousands of very successful accounting professionals to learn the nuts-and-bolts of small business accounting.Whether you want to advance your career or start your own bookkeeping and accounting practice, the Professional Bookkeeper Program is the most complete education in small business accounting anywhere.

The Professional Bookkeeper Program Creates Successful Careers

Earlier this year, Universal Accounting Center informally surveyed 100 graduates a year after they had completed the Professional Bookkeeper Course. 74% were working in the accounting field, had been promoted in their current job or had started their own bookkeeping and accounting practice.You don’t have to take my word for it. Click HERE and find out what some of our graduates are saying about Universal Accounting and the Professional Bookkeeper Program.

Advance Your Career with the Professional Bookkeeper Program

Accounting is an important part of any business. In fact, businesses must do accounting: it’s required by law. Follow the link below and find out how the Professional Bookkeeper Program can help you advance your career.Learn How To Advance Your Career with the Professional Bookkeeper Program

*2006 Salary GuideFounded in 1948, Robert Half International Inc. is the world’s leader in specialized consulting and staffing services.

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