Improve Critical Thinking Skills, Improve Your Business

Business owners make decisions every day that impact their success.  When those decisions are made impulsively or without forethought, they could potentially cause a business’s downfall.  When you employ solid critical thinking skills, those decisions are more likely to positively influence your practice.

In a recent article, author Nadia Goodman shares three strategies designed to improve your critical thinking skills:

1. Identify your purpose.  What will this decision help you accomplish, and will it help you progress towards an overreaching goal?  Understanding how this choice fits in with your mission will definitely help you contextualize the situation and determine whether or not it will ultimately contribute or detract from your potential success.

2. Examine your biases.  It’s difficult to surrender your perspective and approach a decision without any bias, but it’s critical if you’re to look at it from multiple views.  Consider how clients, colleagues, family and friends might perceive the situation.  As Goodman explains, “The goal of critical thinking is to bring those biases to light so they don’t obstruct your decisions.”

3. Consider the implications of your options.  When making a choice you should always consider possible consequences and outcomes.  The ability to view a situation from multiple perspectives will help you with this.  Also, be sure to evaluate choices you’ve made in the past to determine how accurate your projections were and, if they weren’t accurate, what implications you missed.  This will help you improve your critical thinking skills.

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Goodman, Nadia.  “How to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills.”  29 April 2013