Improving Your Business Website

6 Ways to Update Your Website and Gain Appeal

improve-websiteA website can be a valuable promotional tool, enabling you to broadcast information about your business even when your office is closed.  These days, with technology advancing at breakneck speeds, it’s important that your professional website be competitive and drive more prospective clients your way.  But how do you do that?  Here are six easy guidelines to improve your website so that it generates more return visits and, consequently, prospective clients.

1. Watch the numbers

There are many companies willing to provide you with traffic reports that let you know how many visitors you have and which pages they visited.  In this, your visitors will let you know which areas of your website are most appealing and should be accentuated in order to capitalize on user interest.

2. Make key information easily accessible

While most visitors will probably land on your website because you gave them your URL or they performed an internet search on local accountants and/or bookkeepers, there will be some who will immediately want to know who you are and what you do.  This information should be easy to access from your homepage.  Also be sure to include easy-to-find contact information.  Your website’s ultimate objective is to enable people to retain your services.  They can’t do that unless they know who you are and how to contact you.

3. Turn your site into a magnet

The most important thing about your website is that it attracts returning visitors.  And visitors will continually return if they find valuable content on your website.  If you provide bookkeeping tips for the small business owner, you’ll find they use your site as a reference and perhaps even bookmark it.  And when they need accounting help, who do you think they’ll go to?  You, of course!

Promotional offers also generate return visitors.  By offering a web promotion, you give them reason to bookmark your site and return when they’re ready to enlist your help.

4. Simplify the design

How do you respond to Power Point Presentations with neon text, flashing graphics, and nifty rollover effects?  It may be hypnotic at first, but can quickly become distracting.  While you want your site to be visually appealing, you need to remember that your content is on display, not the clever programming.  When in doubt, simplify the design, focusing on the professional image you want to project.

5. Standardize all the screens

Related to simplifying the design of your website, ensure that all your screens are standardized with a singular navigation system and a means of returning to your homepage with one simple click.

6. Use testimonials

Let your satisfied customers do some marketing for you.  Testimonials go a long way in creating a lasting impression on prospective clients.  They are memorable, versatile, reusable, and give you a competitive edge, not to mention that they build your credibility as an accountant.  Every time a client compliments you on your services request a testimonial that you can add to your website and other promotional materials.  These would work great on a screen that focuses on the true value of your service offerings.

Universal Accounting Center Can Help You Create a Custom Website for Your Practice

Imagine how difficult it would be to create your own website that can accomplish all the suggestions noted above.  Now imagine that UAC can manage that process for you, enabling you to create a strong web presence without expending much energy.  Universal Accounting Center (UAC) offers you Accountweb, a website development tool, available exclusively for financial professionals.  Within a number of business days you can create a personalized website for your practice.

To see a sample of a website developed from the Universal Accountweb platform, go to

Whether you run a full-time practice or perform bookkeeping services on the side, you need a website that tells potential clients about your business even when you are unable to.  If you haven’t yet developed a website for your business, or if your current site is in need of reform, today is the day!  Order your subscription now-your website will be up and running by the following business week.  And if you are a Universal Accounting student you will receive a free six-month trial!