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You’ve just taken the first step. Thousands of people just like you are creating strong and profitable bookkeeping and accounting businesses all over the country. Like you, they see the value of advancing their education to help them create the income and lifestyle that they and their families deserve.For over 25 years Universal Accounting has been teaching people like you and me the ins-and-outs of small business accounting and bookkeeping. We’re not called the “Small Business Experts” for nothing. Over the next few weeks, you’ll learn the nuts-and-bolts of what it takes to provide a valuable service to small businesses.It doesn’t matter if it’s the bike shop around the corner or the dry cleaner down the street, they need what you have to offer and Universal Accounting will help you each and every step of the way.

Jump Start Your Business Profitability

The first step is only the beginning. By offering a complete financial service package to your clients, you’ll be able to provide better service and increase your bottom line.By starting with the Professional Bookkeeper Program, you are well on your way to personal and professional success. Every business must do accounting. It’s the law. And as you become the “profit expert” for your clients, you will find more and more opportunities to impact the profitability and health of their businesses too.

Act Now and Save $500

Nothing will complement your Bookkeeping and Accounting Practice more than a Professional Tax Preparation Services. Whether or not you choose to order the Professional Tax Preparer Certification now, the next step for your business should be the addition of tax preparation. ( I’d like to give you some compelling reasons to order right now… 500 of them in fact.)Unlike other tax programs available, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to know about filing personal as well as business tax returns. Many tax preparation programs will only teach you individual tax preparation, neglecting the most profitable tax services, business tax.If you act now, you can add the Professional Tax Preparer Certification to your order for only $985. That’s $500 off the regular price. If you call tomorrow, I’m sorry, but I can’t honor this offer. You must act now.

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What Makes a Professional Bookkeeping Bussiness Even Better?

Why is adding tax preparation to your bookkeeping and accounting service such a good idea? By increasing the number of products that you can offer, you’ll not only be able to provide your clients with a complete financial service package, but will be able to create a better income for you and your family as well.

What Does Adding Tax Preparation Do to My Bookkeeping and Accounting Business?

graphAs you can see on the graph at the left, income from a tax preparation business will peak during the first four months of the year. Many professional tax preparers are able to bill at rates that are $100 per hour or more, enabling them to work for 4 to 6 months per year and semi-retire the rest of the year.At Universal Accounting, we’ve discovered over the years that the average small business bookkeeping account will generate an income of approximately $300 per month. By billing your tax clients on a monthly basis and offering tax planning services along with year-end tax preparation services, you can feel confident billing $100 per month for tax preparation services, creating a gross billing of $400 per month to clients who receive complete financial services.The graph below shows the impact that adding tax planning and preparation to your bookkeeping services can produce for your business. graphWho is better able to assist a small business with tax planning and preparation than the person who’s doing the day to day business books all year long? In fact, it wasn’t too many years ago that most small business bookkeepers did all the tax preparation and filing.

Starting a Tax Preparation Business Makes Sense

Most of the college and university programs out there don’t prepare their graduates for a career in small business accounting and tax preparation. Unfortunately, neither do the franchise programs.Unlike franchises, with an education from Universal Accounting you can begin your accounting and tax practice by operating out of your home. In fact, that’s what we’d recommend. You don’t need to run an accounting or tax service out of an expensive office space. The only people who will find you in an office will be the people trying to sell you something.When you look at starting any business, the right training and support is critical. Similar to the Professional Bookkeeper Program, the Professional Tax Preparer Certification offers:

  • The Most Complete Training Anywhere
  • Support for 12 Months After You Complete the Course
  • Marketing Support for 12 Months After You Complete the Course
  • Continuing Tax and Marketing Support After Your First Year Available

I haven’t found a more comprehensive program to help you succeed anywhere. But that’s not all. At Universal Accounting we back it up 100%.

Universal Accounting’s Ironclad100% Money Back Guarantee

“If, after completing all of the learning activities, you do not feel that you have received your money’s worth, simply return the materials to Universal Accounting Center for acomplete refund.”

Become a Full Financial Services Provider and Increase Your Profits

The Universal Accounting Financial Services program teaches you both Small business Accounting and Tax Preparation for individuals and businesses. Combine the two services and greatly increase your profits and make marketing your service to businesses with varied needs much easier.

Act Now and Save

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