Is There Room In My Community For Another Accounting and Tax Practice?


Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Why Your Local Community Would Probably Welcome Your Accounting and Tax Practice

A business woman leans against an office wall.If you clicked on this article, we’re guessing that you’ve been thinking about starting your own accounting and tax practice. But you want to make sure the planets are aligned, that you’re sufficiently prepared, and that your community can support another accounting and tax practice.We have an exercise for you. Follow these directions to see how one more accounting and tax practice might fair in your area:

  1. Take out your local phone book.
  2. Look up “Attorney.” How many pages of attorneys are there? Make a note.
  3. Now look up “Accountant.” How many pages of accountants are there? Make a note.
  4. Now compare the two numbers and ask yourself the following question: Which services would the small business be in need of more, legal services or accounting services?
  5. Now ask yourself: If your local community can sustain that many attorneys, and we’re guessing the number of accountants is significantly less than the number of attorneys, don’t you think it could sustain one more accounting and tax practice (especially if it’s as good as yours will be)?

Your Niche Market: The Small Business

Small businesses need good accountants more than they need good attorneys. In fact, by the time they need an attorney, we’re guessing their need for your services is long past gone. And while the business owners may need a little coaxing to realize just how valuable a good accountant and tax preparer can be for their business, once you’ve won them over you’ve generally earned a client for life.Nearly 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years of start-up. Much of this failure can be attributed to poor financial management. Unfortunately for them, most of the accountants trained in a university setting have been prepared to work for big corporations. You can imagine that small business accounting is a different animal (or math problem, so to speak).

Universal Accounting Center (UAC) Knows Small Business

For more than 25 years UAC has been training individuals like yourself small business accounting. Our mission statement reads: To equip students with the education, skills and confidence needed to enjoy a successful career in full-charge accounting, bookkeeping and tax. And not only do we train our students in the practical application of these accounting skills, we also teach them how to market their unique services (because let’s face it, accountants and tax preparers are generally not skilled in marketing).

The Professional Bookkeeper Program

The Professional Bookkeeper Program was designed specifically to address the needs of small businesses, and Universal Accounting offers the most complete small business accounting course anywhere. Not only that, but UAC teaching you effective marketing techniques; you’ll leave the program with small business knowledge and skills and the ability to promote those things to potential clients! You’ll have the ability to earn the Professional Bookkeeper Designation which assures clients that you have been properly trained in small business accounting and will help you know what those clients need most from you.

The Professional Tax Preparer Certification

We trust you could start a successful accounting practice without adding tax services, but the truth is you can charge 100+ per hour preparing individual and business taxes. That’s an incredible income boost during tax season and throughout the year for those clients who need any tax consulting or tax planning services. Why not increase your income by becoming a full-financial service provider? You will quickly become a one-stop shop for those clients who need you do more than just their bookkeeping.The Professional Tax Preparer Certification is a nationally recognized designation. Countless individuals are scammed each year by people who claim to know what they’re doing. And more and more are becoming leery of tax preparers without any credentials. This exam will enable you to earn the Professional Tax Preparer Designation which will put many of those individuals at ease, assuring them that you have been properly trained in tax preparation.

The Professional Bookkeepers Guide to QuickBooks

Intuit has captured the market in accounting software used by small businesses. Nearly 80% of small business owners use their Quickbooks software. UAC’s Professional Bookkeepers Guide to Quickbooks Pro will teach you teach you how to do the basic transactions, how to reconcile accounts, what the program does with its data, and a basic understanding of fundamental accounting principles. We have also included about 18 hours of bookkeeping instruction and a complete detailed presentation of QuickBooks fundamentals. You may well call it a lifesaver. With these QuickBooks skills you can offer setup and consultation services to your menu, increasing your value to potential clients.So what are you waiting for? In the time it would take you to finish a more traditional training program (and one geared towards the big business), your business could be up and thriving! Besides, if you wait too long, that list of accountants in your local phone book will just get longer.If you enroll in these three programs this week you will get a special discount: an exclusive offer for our newsletter subscribers.

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