It’s Raining Referrals

It’s always a lot easier to ask for a referral when you’re prepared for the question.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Before you ask the question, it’s prudent to probe the likelihood of success in obtaining a referral or, better still, a number of referrals.

Has your client given you the indication that he or she is really happy with your bookkeeping and accounting services and have you established a strong foundation for an on-going relationship with that client?

These indications will generally be expressed orally but the body language could also be all you need to go on.

As with many business issues, the timing of the referral question is of critical importance and this depends upon the quality of the relationship that you’ve established with your business client.

The logical time to ask about referrals is when your service has been successfully implemented and the client is in an excellent position to judge the quality of service that you have provided. This is also the optimum time to ask for a testimonial.

As a matter of course, it’s better to ask for referrals on a face-to-face basis rather than over the telephone or by e-mail because of the personal nature of your request.

When you’ve judged that the time is right and your request for referrals is a reasonable one considering the client’s appreciation of your services, make the request while indicating how much you enjoy your relationship with the client and making clear that you desire to grow your business. Simply ask if he or she knows of anyone that could appreciate your services the way he or she does.

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