Lead with Purpose

The economy continues to flounder, and that has a direct impact on the morale of leaders and their employees.  With optimism dropping, it can be difficult to lead an organization to success.  But John Baldoni of CBS Money Watch claims “Leading with Purpose Gets the Best Results.”  To accomplish that, he recommends the following four tips:

1. Communicate Vision. Like any organization, you would like to see your business succeed.  A clear vision can help you express what you would like your business to accomplish, enabling your employees to better understand your expectations.  Also, when part of your mission is to see employees improve, that will solidify their loyalty and support.

2. Instill purpose. In order to effectively lead your team, you must provide clear direction so they know where to go.  In addition to clearly communicating your vision, you must also relay your objectives and your expectations.  Support your team’s effort to accomplish your business’s goals and then reward them for their progress.

3. Provide clarity.  Do you recognize a theme?  So far, all these tips require clear communication. This is especially true regarding obstacles.  According to Baldoni, you must “frame obstacles to progress in ways that enable people to see and develop solutions.”

4. Develop leadership through the organization.  This is especially true of larger businesses with a significant support staff; you must develop strong leadership, and not just in the top tier of your organization, but throughout your entire business, an effort requiring dedication and commitment.

In order for your business to rise above the gloomy economic forecast, you must lead with purpose, buoying up your employees with your confidence and direction.

What do you do to lead with purpose?  We welcome your comments!

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Baldoni, John.  “Leading with Purpose Gets the Best Results.”  30 November 2011  CBSMoneyWatch