Listening to Enhance Your Practice

Portrait of happy young businessman with colleagues in the backgroundAs a general rule it’s important that you actively listen to your clientele when meeting them about their finances.  But there are other things being said that you should be aware of.  What are small business owners talking about?  Taking the time to listen to these things could help catapult your business to the next level.

In a recent article, author and Digital Media Marketing Expert, Sandi Krakowski details the process of “Boosting Your Business by Using Your Ears.”  Here we share three things you should listen for:

What do they need?  By browsing Facebook, Twitter, and business forums, you can determine what small business owners really need.  As Sandi explains, “The reality of being successful in sales is summed up in this principle: People are looking to have their needs met.  Period.”  When your services solve some of their biggest problems and award them with security and satisfaction, you have secured a client’s loyalty, and, likely, countless referrals.

What are they complaining about?  Small business owners can be a vocal group, sharing their biggest obstacles, disappointments, and complaints regarding business ownership. When you know what their struggles are, you can ensure that your services work to alleviate their most pressing concerns, improving your appeal.

Are they disillusioned and unaware? Sandi says, “Another great key to long-term profits is in becoming a resource that people can turn to and trust.  Revealing hidden information, making difficult things simple and serving as an expert is a great way to grow a company.” As a financial professional, you can prove very useful in helping them overcome misperceptions and misunderstandings regarding the fiscal health of their businesses.

While you could perform brand analysis, market research, and study historical data endlessly, you’ll still probably find the most valuable information by listening to your target market in order to determine how your services can best respond to their needs, complaints, and misperceptions.  Once you do, you’ll find that you’re able to promote your services more effectively as they begin to recognize just how valuable you are to their success and wellbeing.

Increase Your Options and Your Earning Potential

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Krakowski, Sandi.  “Boosting Your Business by Using Your Ears.”  7 May 2014