Magnify Your Hire-ability


Magnify Your Hire-ability by Advancing Your Education

Improve Your Skills and Multiply Your Opportunities for Promotion or a Better Job

Would you like a pay raise this year? If you’re like most of us, you answered, “You bet. Who wouldn’t?”The opportunity for advancement and an increase in pay in the accounting department this year is better than it has been in a long time. Just look in the help wanted section of any newspaper across the country and you’ll see dozens of job openings. These openings offer good jobs that provide a great income and a stable, recession-free opportunity.According to Robert Half International, the world’s largest accounting professional placement service, if you work in the accounting department, you can expect a raise in pay this year. And that applies to everyone from accounts payable to payroll and bookkeeping. Great news, if you have the right skills.

I Don’t Have a Degree in Accounting. What Good Does This Do Me?

This is great news whether you have an accounting degree or not. Sure, if you want to work in a Fortune 500 company, you’ll need a college degree. But to work with 95% of the rest of the business world, you don’t really need a college degree. (95% of the businesses in the United States are small businesses which only require that you can do the work.)You need a specialized set of skills, but not a college degree. And if you have a degree, it won’t hurt you either.

Small Business Is Not the Same As Big Business

As a small business bookkeeper, you’ll have the challenge and opportunity to do the most interesting bookkeeping. Although a general ledger or a cash disbursements journal is just the same in a big company as in a small business. In a Fortune 500 company there are so many transactions that you might spend your entire career working with only accounts payable. You might never get to see how it all fits together. That’s one of the fun parts of being a small business bookkeeper.

The Small Business Bookkeeper is a Business Owner’s Profit Expert

By learning the skills of the small business bookkeeper, you’ll learn how to offer advice and experience to any small business owner. In fact, your skills will become highly prized by really savvy business owners. In a small business, the bookkeeper is the only person who really has a full picture of a companies complete financial health. As a major player in a company’s profitability, you’ve just become one of the business owner’s biggest assets. That’s one reason you can expect a raise this year.

If I Don’t Need a College Education, Where Do I Find the Right Education?

At Universal Accounting, we’ve taught the ins-and-outs of small business bookkeeping and accounting for over 25 years. Since 1979, our successful graduates have called us the small business accounting experts.The Professional Bookkeeper program includes everything you need to provide valuable bookkeeping services for any small business. You’ll learn through DVD-based instruction and hands-on practical application exercises. You’ll graduate from the Professional Bookkeeper program prepared with the right education, the right skills and the confidence you need to advance in any accounting department in any small business anywhere in the United States.

You Don’t Have to Take My Word For It

Thousands of successful people just like you found the Professional Bookkeeper program to be the perfect launching pad for advancing their careers or starting their own businesses. Many of our graduates started out part-time, by doing the books for two or three small businesses on the side. Click HERE to read about what other successful people like you are saying about the Professional Bookkeeper program.

A Career in Bookkeeping and Accounting Just Makes Sense

If you posses basic math skills, like to work with people and are detail oriented, it doesn’t matter if you have any experience in accounting. We can show you the ropes. Click on the link below and let me show you why a career in bookkeeping and accounting is such a great idea. You’ll also find out why the Professional Bookkeeper program is the perfect place to start.

Regardless of your background,IT WORKS!

It doesn’t matter if you have 20 years experience in accounting, or have never worked in the field before, the course is designed to provide practical, hands-on training for everyone!

Free Gift

Two Additional Practice Sets-a $$$ value-

Practice makes perfect. The three modules already contain practice sets for nine different businesses. Purchase the Professional Bookkeeper program today and you’ll receive two more practice sets, giving you eleven in all. This will give you even more confidence and experience in various industries and the opportunity to work with additional types of clients.

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