Making Client Presentations Stick

Make Your Client Presentation Stick

You’ve scheduled a meeting with a terrific prospective client. You’ve got one chance to reel this potential client in. Don’t leave your office without enough bait.

Strong visuals will boost the impact of your presentation. Audience retention jumps from 14 to 38 percent with the appropriate use of visuals. And there’s another plus: You can reduce the time required to present a concept by up to 40 percent.

For most prospective client presentations a 3-ring binder is the medium of choice. Include a sample chart of accounts for the industry the client represents. Include sample computer input and output reports to give the individual an idea of what you will provide.

This can be output from another client in the same industry which has been masked and doctored to protect the identity and confidentiality of the client. Or, you might make up a business and enter transactions into the computer from what you know of the client’s industry.

Here are some more techniques to make the visual aids even more effective:

* Keep yourself in the spotlight. Remember that you are the focus of the presentation, not the visuals.* Don’t use visuals as a crutch. Know your subject matter cold.* Stress the benefits of each financial report. If they don’t understand how to use it, they won’t understand the value you offer.* Say more than you show.

Remember that when you speak, you should be the focus of the presentation. Use your visuals to complement your message and actively involve your audience. Visuals are effective if they reinforce what you say and make your message stick.

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