Managing Startup Anxiety


Launching your own business can be simultaneously exciting and terrifying.  If you become too focused on what could go wrong, the resulting anxiety can become paralyzing.  In a recent article entitled “How to Handle Your Entrepreneur Anxiety,” author Jessica Stillman suggest three strategies to use when combating startup angst.  

Practice mindfulness.  Mindfulness is the ability to live in the present moment.  Often, we spend our thoughts obsessing over past mistakes or dreaming about and/or fearing the future. This creates anxiety over things we have no control over.  Living in the present gives us the ability to make mindful choices regarding things we can control in the here and now.  Many achieve mindfulness through meditation.

Focus on good health.  We all know exercising is an age-old stress-relief tactic.  Not only is it a natural relaxant, but it releases endorphins into the bloodstream which will enable you to feel more energized.  It releases serotonin in the brain which will enable you to be more alert.  It increases your body’s immune system which will enable you to better fight illnesses, both small and large.  In addition to exercise, you should also ensure that you get enough rest and avoid unhealthy foods.

Remember whyIn the beginning, you may have to continually remind yourself why you wanted to launch your own practice in the first place.  Are you passionate about helping small businesses achieve financial success?  Are you interested in determining your own work schedule and salary?  Perhaps you should take a few minutes to write down those things that initially inspired you to become an entrepreneur.  You can refer back to it when experiencing doubt.

While no one wants to entertain worst-case scenarios, sometimes it’s helpful to ask, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”  Often, our anxiety is not rooted in what we fear will happen, but in a fear that we will be unable to effectively deal with it.  Once we can build confidence in our ability to manage any scenario, we’ll overcome much of our anxiety.

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Stillman, Jessica.  “How to Handle Your Entrepreneur Anxiety.”  27 August 2012

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