Market Benefits of Accounting/Bookkeeping Business

There’s an old adage in marketing and advertising which encourages one to promote the “benefits and not the features” of a product.

Without doubt this golden rule has application in marketing all services and products – accounting services included.

Tell Clients the Benefits They Will Gain From Paying For Your Service

When you are talking with clients, prospective clients and referrers about the range of financial services you provide, rather than merely outline the details of what work you undertake, there is always an opportunity to focus on the benefits which clients can achieve from an association with your accounting service.

You need to go beyond the client’s need to meet government and bank regulations. More importantly the client needs to concentrate on the improvement in the their bottom line generated by regular analysis of the financial side of their business. Also, the time and labor which can be saved through your professional preparation.

Passion About Your Work – A Competitive Advantage

After a short period using this approach you will find that the passion you have for your work will become really obvious to all those you talk to. And, even more importantly, they will begin to share your passion as they can see what impact your involvement in their business will have on their lives.

When clients get excited about the service you provide them, follow up by asking for referrals. They will be happy to do so when they are pleased with what you can do for them. They likely know others in related industries that would benefit from your services as well. An average small-business client will pay you $300 per month ($400 if you do tax services for them as well) for the 6-8 hours per month of work it takes to do their books.

With the introduction of passion, your marketing efforts become an excellent illustration of “selling the sizzle instead of the steak” and what a powerful combination that can be.

Beware the "Negative Sell"

Some pundits suggest that rather than sell the positive benefits of becoming a client of your accounting service, you expound on the negative impact which could flow from not being a client. This concept has prospective clients availing themselves of your services to avoid these unpleasant consequences.

Who is to say that this strategy may not work on occasions, however it almost seems to be a form of blackmail and is not a strategy which I would recommend as you can’t go astray with a concentration on the positive outcomes from your association.

Additional Resources

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