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There’s just two things. Two simple attributes separate successful accounting and bookkeeping services from unprofitable ones. Is it training? No, most unprofitable accounting services have very competent, well-trained people. To succeed, you need to:

  1. Find enough customers
  2. Charge enough for your services

We’ll help with both. The Professional Bookkeeper™ Program teaches you to quickly and cost-effectively find as many clients as you can handle. We’ll also show you how to charge every penny the market will bear through the most profitable billing methods, developed over 25 years of real-world accounting marketing experience.

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Great Skills = Great Income… Sometimes

Remember the Edsel? Named after Henry Ford’s son by the same name, the Ford Edsel is well-known . . .  for failure. Was the Edsel a bad car? While it had a few technical problems at first, what prevented it from being a success had absolutely nothing to do with its quality. It was poorly marketed. People just didn’t “get” the car and its “futuristic” styling. During a time when the American motorist wanted a more economical car, Ford released the Edsel. This battleship of a car was over 17 feet long, hardly the fuel miser drivers craved.

In my high school years, I had a friend who spent endless hours with his father restoring an old Edsel, the car Americans “loved to hate”. He raved about its innovations and how far ahead of its time it really was. But I can guarantee that Ford’s stockholders didn’t spent a lot of time raving about it.

Great Products Deserve Great Marketing

As with the Edsel, it isn’t enough for you to have a great product or services. You have to be in touch with your audience and speak to them in terms they relate to and value. For example, try out this line on a potential customer you really don’t want: “I will help you lower your COGS and systematize the reporting of your intangible assets”. Remember, I said you should use this on a potential client you really don’t want, because with a pitch like that, you won’t land them as a client. Why not?

“It’s All Greek to Me”

Simply put, you have to speak the language your clients speak. Successful marketing speaks in terms of benefits, not features. That’s one thing the Professional Bookkeeper™ Program teaches you, how to get into the mind of your client and to speak their language. Small business owners don’t stay up at night dreaming of carefully prepared ledgers and books. They DO stay up thinking of ways to control their expenses and to keep more of what they bring in. The Professional Bookkeeper™ Program will teach you point-by-point how to demonstrate to your clients the value that you bring to them, particularly why the business intelligence you provide will be worth much more to them than the fee you’ll charge.

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Knowing your clients’ emotional triggers is really half the battle in marketing. I’m a professional marketing consultant. When I sit down with a client, the very first thing I ask is, “Who is your audience?” The second is, “What are your clients’ frustrations?” The third is, “How will you overcome those frustrations, and how will your clients know that you have the skills, tools, and knowledge to solve their problems?” We’ll teach you how to identify your clients’ fears and aspirations. You’ll learn how to illustrate to clients how your services will answer their needs and bring them closer to reaching their financial goals.

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The Language of Business

The Professional Bookkeeper™ Program teaches you accounting, the language of business. But more importantly, it teaches you how to use it effectively and in a benefits-driven way that will make your clients happy to pay the $30 to $60 per hour you’ll charge them. Why? Because you’ll show them ways to save money through better control of their expenses. Through your accounting mastery, they’ll discover tax deductions they never knew they were cheating themselves out of. But most of all, you’ll show them how to, once and for all, truly understand their business finances. Armed with the knowledge you provide them each month, you enable small businesses to make informed decisions which improve their bottom lines. Simply put, you’ll make them more profitable.

When is Marketing Easy?

Simply put, it becomes easy to sell your services when your customers see how the benefits you provide them far outweigh the cost. The Professional Bookkeeper™ Program teaches you to sell yourself through very natural, low-pressure techniques. Every small business owner knows a few things about accounting and tax:

  • It has to be done. The law requires it.
  • They don’t want to do it themselves.
  • They don’t want to pay more taxes than they have to.
  • They want to understand their business finances.
  • They want to know how to keep more of what they bring in.

These are true for every business, but most critically for small business owners. That’s where you come in. Businesses owners WANT you to convince them that you should take over their accounting for them. The Professional Bookkeeper™ Program will teach you how to make it very easy for them to say, "Yes!"

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Marketing Is Easy!

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