Marketing Ideas For Accountants this Christmas

The holiday season is very exciting for consumers due to the presents that companies give out. You might wonder how the generosity that businesses show their clients during the holidays can be beneficial to them. The answer is very simple: public relations. 


Managing how people feel about your brand can be made easier when giving them nice presents for Christmas. The excitement for Christmas gifts provides customers the opportunity to get to know more about your company and your services. 


Christmas is coming soon and you might need some ideas to spoil your customers & clients with great presents, simply put, you might need some good marketing ideas for the holiday season. here are a few ideas to consider.

Advent Calendars

Create a box full of small but sweet surprises. Advent calendars are calendars made by companies that have tiny gifts in small sections that are numbered so you can count down the days before Christmas and open the gifts one by one. This type of marketing tool has been very popular for the past couple of years and many prestigious big-name brands like Gucci and Chanel are using it. 


You can use this present to excite your clients for a whole month. They will think of your company daily.  

Use Referrals

How can you make your loyal clients happy and gain more customers at once? By creating a referral program for Christmas you may be able to catch two birds with one stone. 


For example, consider collecting from each of your clients something you can share with all of the clients.  Imagine sharing a discount, promotion, savings that introduces each of your clients to one another. 

Give Your Customers The Time of Your Day

What better way to make a person feel appreciated than to invite them out? By spending your time with your clients and taking them to dinner, you will create a special connection with them that will make them feel important.  This time of year consider including the spouses or significant others.


The customers need to feel like valuable assets to the company because they are. The treatment that you show the consumers will be worth more than handing out a single product for free just once a year. 

Give Free Advice

As accounting professionals what tip or advice can you offer for the New Year.  For example, those that provide financial services, which is similar to accounting may give property management advice, so what could you do?


The best approach to take if you decide to give out free information to market your company during Christmas is to send the customers emails or physical letters including blogs or news about business statistics and developments for the following year. 


By sending newsletters to your customers for Christmas, you will save up a lot of money and market your business properly.


The holiday season is the jolly time of the year that everyone is looking forward to. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to market your business with ease by using Christmas gifts as a marketing tool. If you can’t handle the pressure of the holidays on your own, you can simply develop your business with the help of professionals by learning about business development.