Mastering Key Soft Skills

Whether you’re looking for a job or would like to improve your client relations, soft skills matter.  While your accounting expertise is paramount, you need to complement that expertise with those skills that make you a respectable, reliable, and professional.  Here are 5 soft skills that will enhance your overall appeal:

1. Communication. Good communication skills ensure that your message is being effectively relayed.  Also remember to listen attentively, ensure understanding, and ask for feedback.  Communication is a two-way street; while working to be understood is part of the equation, you must also take measures to understand others as well.

2. Teamwork. Unless you’re working in a closet without any human interaction, your ability to work well with others will enable you to collaborate successfully, a key requirement in today’s professional climate.  To be a good team member you must share ideas, be flexible, freely give praise, and be willing to acknowledge the success of others.

3. Problem solving. Clients and employers alike are looking for professionals who can solve problems independently without too much oversight.  This requires an ability to detect problems that need solving.  If you’re able to recognize and pinpoint problems, you can generate ideas that respond to current needs.  Your ability to do so will set you apart as a proactive individual who is in the business of continual improvement.

4. Time management. There are some professionals who would be at the top of their game if it weren’t for poor time management.  Everyone has experienced the frenzy of having too much to do and too little time to do it in.  Truly successful individuals have mastered the art of prioritization while squelching procrastination.  Knowing where to focus your attention, practicing regular daily planning, and avoiding all unnecessary and unproductive meetings are a good place to start.

5. Organization. A well-organized workplace will contribute to good time management.  When documents and records are easily located, you save valuable time for other crucial tasks.  Also, a tidy environment is more soothing to all occupants, including yourself and any visitors who may drop by unannounced.

While clients and employers are looking for professionals who have impressive accounting skills, a strong set of soft skills will make you the most attractive candidate overall.  In today’s competitive market, where jobs are scarce, you must do all you can to enhance your professionalism to become the most appealing contender.

One Hard Skill That’s Easy to Acquire

As opposed to soft skills, “hard” skills represent your technical competence in accomplishing a job in a specific field.  There are many different elements that determine your accounting expertise, one of which depends on your ability to use the tools required to do your job.  Accounting software is one of those tools.

In strengthening your professional appeal, you want to find those opportunities with a low initial investment and a high return.  One such opportunity is found in UAC’s Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide (PBG) to QuickBooks.  With a modest enrollment fee and a reasonable investment of your time and energy, this product can help you attract more clients while increasing your service offerings and billable hours.  Or if you’re currently employed, it can enable you to enhance your promotion-ability.

In less than one month you can acquire a “hard” skill that will help you advance your career.  Don’t wait to improve your future.  Call 1-877-833-7909 to enroll in our QuickBooks training now!