Maximize Your Income From Your Client List


Maximizing income from your client list is easier than friends you think.

In past articles we’ve talked about building your database of names and depending on how you utilize your accounting software; you will more than likely have that done already. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think.

There are companies all over the world that pay thousands and thousands of dollars to have access to a list of names to communicate with. I think it’s safe to say that one of the most valuable assets your business has, is your data base.In previous articles we’ve talked a little about how to utilize that database to build a personal relationship with your clients. With the right information you can use your database to create a more personal connection with your clients. There are a number of very obvious times to connect with your clients.

  • On birthdays.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Other client specific special days.

I subscribe to a couple of online newsletters who always remember my birthday and communicate a greeting to me every year. It helps create a sense of community and helps keep me subscribed to their service… even though I understand what they are doing.

How do I take the next step? I’d like to do more than send a birthday card to my clients.

Jay Abraham, marketer and author says, “The single most important strategy you can use to maximize the value of [your client list] is to communicate on a regular basis with everyone who contributes, or ever will contribute, in any way to your business success.”Mr. Abraham continues, “The more contact and communication you have with a person, the stronger and richer the relationship becomes. In business the secret to keeping and growing clients, as well as growing a career is to keep continual and meaningful communication with everyone important to you. This is a simple but very powerful method for getting the very most out of your client or key contacts.”

If all you tell your clients is how good you are… it won’t work.

Give your clients an opportunity to tell you how you’re doing. Make sure they understand that you are committed to providing the finest service that you are able.Make sure that every communication you have with your customers focuses on the benefits of your relationship to them. Your clients should be treated as near and dear friends, because people prefer to buy from their friends.

Regular communication will build a personal connection.

As you work with your clients, if you treat them as dear friends, regular communication with them not only becomes easier, but will become something that you look forward to. There’s not doubt about it, regular communication with your client list allows you to:

  • Keep them up-to-date on issues that will affect them and their business.
  • Make them aware of special offers or services.
  • Changes that occur in your business.
  • And more importantly, build a personal connection.

Many big corporations, who are unable by their nature to build a personal connection with their clients, spend thousands of dollars every year on golf tournaments, fishing outings and other “feel good” style activities in an attempt to build those types of relationships with their salespeople.The beauty of the nature of your relationship with your clients is that you are in a uniquely intimate relationship with your client to begin with. You are trusted with the most important part of their business, the financial accounting.

I realize this is important, how do I do it?

It’s as easy as a follow-up telephone call, an e-mail or a letter. Take your calendar for the year and create a plan for communicating with your clients on a regular basis. Although the telephone is probably the most personal, e-mail is such a big part of doing business these days, and the nature of e-mail is not as intrusive as a phone call. Plus it’s easy to create a letter to send out via e-mail, it doesn’t cost postage and because it’s practically instantaneous, you can target contacts with information that carries some inherent immediacy.

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