Motivating Your Staff on a Budget – Part II


Motivating Your Staff on a Budget

(Part Two of a Two-Part Series)

8 More Tips on Boosting Office Morale

A woman enjoys a business meeting.Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. —Jim RyunRecognition is the greatest motivator. —Gerard C. Eakedale

Do you find your staff looking outside longingly as they mindlessly complete their tasks? Summer has that affect on people; and sadly enough this is the time of year when employees can imagine countless places they’d rather be than in an office working for you. So now is the perfect time to rally the troops and motivate your staff.Last week we talked about the following inexpensive ways to motivate your staff.

  1. Communicate your vision
  2. Articulate tangible goals
  3. Give positive reinforcement and feedback
  4. Offer flexible work schedules
  5. Have an office party
  6. Give public praise
  7. Give small gifts or reward.
  8. Award special titles

This week we’ll add 8 more inexpensive ideas on boosting morale:

10. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Employees can be the greatest asset in your company. In his book, In the Black: Nine Principles to Make Your Business More Profitable, Allen Bostrom, President and CEO of Universal Accounting Center, talks about the importance of communication. He states, “Communication can be likened to water in a garden. It provides nourishment that allows employees to grow and become more productive. By making sure the communication is getting to the “end of the row,” it keeps everyone growing. It also promotes better understanding from the bottom to the top. Without regular communication, employees feel unappreciated, and production will suffer. So, pour on the communication.”

11. Sponsor a fun and lighthearted contest

This type of activity can inspire teamwork and camaraderie. Consider sponsoring a fitness contest or a sports poll. Even something this trivial can generate excitement and good will in the office.

12. Award competent employees with special, high-profile projects

Like awarding special titles, giving competent employees high-profile projects can provide employees with a sense of achievement while also giving them the opportunity to strengthen their resumes. Nothing feels better than knowing your boss trusts you manage a significant responsibility.

13. Sponsor a day-long retreat

While the thought of all your employees idle for a day may worry you a bit, it’s actually a great investment. For the price of lunch and perhaps a hotel conference room, you could schedule a full-day of inspirational presentations and general cheerleading. To cut costs ask employees to participate and cover certain topics. Invite guest speakers who would be willing to volunteer an hour or so of their time. This communicates how much you value your employees and will go a long way in boosting morale.

14. Give employees their own parking spaces

Depending on your situation, consider awarding employees their own parking spaces. If your office has a designated set of spaces, give choice employees a spot they can call their own. Or award one employee of the month curbside parking.

15. Allow employees to earn paid time-off

This can be a great incentive that will motivate employees and be reflected in the work they do. Set strict parameters and award good work. For example, you can give four hours of paid time-off to the employee who shows consistent and error-free management of Client X’s account. If this motivates all employees to exhibit exemplary behavior, it will save you a lot more in the end than a few hours of paid leave. But be sure to set high expectations so this doesn’t become an arbitrary reward and drain your budget.

16. Provide group training

Like a retreat, group training can motivate and inspire your employees while teaching them valuable skills. Imagine teaching each employee how he or she can become your business’s profit expert. Universal Accounting Center has developed a proven program to help non-accounting employees understand their function and importance in the business model. With Universal’s proprietary training, each employee will understand how critical their position is to the business. They will improve their skills in performing important responsibilities that will greatly benefit the company’s profitability. Call 1-800-343-4827 today for more information on how Universal can immediately help your company today or email us at doesn’t take a lot of money to motivate your staff and boost morale. By implementing just a few of these suggestions, your business will improve simply because your employees will be more satisfied with their jobs as they come to realize just how much their employer values them.

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