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Why Would My Clients Want Me to Charge Them More?

Business Owners Want to Reduce their Expenses… That’s Why

Save your clients money. They’ll gladly pay you for doing so. When most successful business owners look at their income statement every month, they are searching for ways to reduce their expenses and increase their profitability. As a tax preparer you are in a unique position to not only help your clients with decisions that reduce their tax burden every year, but you provide services that will be of value to them all year long.Traditionally, a company’s bookkeeper was responsible for providing all of the accounting functions in a small business. Unfortunately for the small business owner, the monthly bookkeeping, tax filing and even payroll accounting services have one-by-one been handed over to specialists.

Why Do You Say Unfortunate… It Sounds Like a Good Idea to Me?

In the past, a small business bookkeeper provided a complete picture of a businesses financial health. Because he/she worked on the books each month, did the payroll and filed all the taxes, the advice he gave the business owner was based upon the day-to-day financial picture and the yearly tax consequences. It was a complete picture.Small business is not corporate America. Specialists providing services like payroll accounting, bookkeeping and tax services make sense for large corporations. In fact, the bookkeeping services in larger corporations are often specialized. The Accounts Payable clerk doesn’t know what the Accounts Receivable clerk is doing and the Payroll clerk or service has nothing to do with the other accounting functions.

Is Small Business Accounting Really that Different?

In many ways… yes. Picture a large battleship. Once you get going, it’s not stopping or turning without a lot of effort. It might take a mile or more for it to turn around. On the other hand, a small speedboat can stop and start on a dime. It can turn around in a few feet and can accelerate quickly and react to hazards by going around them rather than plowing through them.Large corporations are a lot like the battleship and the speedboat is like the small business. Small businesses can react to changes in the market quicker but aren’t big enough to plow through the bumps (or hazards) of the market. A qualified tax professional/bookkeeper is one of the most important people in every small business. His or her experience allows the small business owner to safely navigate the complicated waters that his little speedboat is in.

Okay… I Understand, But You Said it Would Make My Tax Practice More Profitable

Tax preparation is the first part of your complete business service. During tax season, you are the person they trust with one of the biggest concerns every small business owner faces every year. Their taxes.

Why Do You Want to Provide a Year-Round Service to Your Clients? That’s Easy…

As you might expect, for most tax professionals, the busiest time of the year is during tax season. They spend the entire year either building up to, or winding down from the tax filing deadline. By adding bookkeeping services to your business you can make your monthly income statement much more predictable and consistent.

Tax Accounting and Bookkeeping… the Perfect Combination

Bookkeeping and accounting provide one of the most predictable and consistent income sources there is. Every business must account for income, expenses and losses for tax purposes. This is mandated by law.As you consider what we’re discussing, consider how working with the financial records every month will make year-end tax preparation even easier for you.By combining bookkeeping serves with your tax preparation business, you’ll become a “one-stop-shop” for financial services. By becoming a “one-stop-shop” you just increased your earning potential while offering a greater level of service to your clients.While your income as a tax preparer may be cyclical in nature, the earnings potential for an accountant/bookkeeper is very different. As you add clients to your tax preparation business, with a profitable bookkeeping service, you can expect your income to grow similar to the graph below.bookkeeping-graphYou will bill a typical small business accounting client around $300 per month. As you can see, it doesn’t take many clients before your bookkeeping clients have added a substantial boost to your year-end income statement.There is beauty to this windfall. By providing a better and more complete financial service to your clients, you are saving them money and making them more profitable too.Besides, they don’t want to give a detailed explaination of their business each year to their tax preparer. You, on the other hand, know their books inside-and-out, because you prepared them yourself.

Additional Education Will Put More Money Into Your Bank Account

Universal Accounting has taught Accounting and Bookkeeping since 1979. With the most complete program for small business accounting found anywhere, you purchase with confidence, knowing you will get the very same quality education in bookkeeping and accounting that you have come to appreciate in tax preparation.

Purchase with No Risk!

Universal Accounting’s promise to you:

Universal Accounting’s Ironclad100% Money Back Guarantee

If, after completing all of the learning activities, you do not feel that you have received your money’s worth, simply return the materials to Universal Accounting Center for a complete refund.

Why Not Order Now… While it’s on Your Mind?

There’s never been a better time than now to start your business as a professional tax preparer. And by combining tax preparation and bookkeeping into your business, there’s never been a potentially more profitable way to begin your practice. Follow the link below and begin your exciting career as a tax preparation professional.

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