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Make More Money in the Next 12 Months!

Why Starting and Growing Your Own Business is Easier than Ever

Okay, we won’t lie: starting and growing your own business takes some work, there’s no doubt about it. But everyone’s got to work for a living, right? Why not work hard for yourself? Work hard and earn big! While starting and growing your own business does take work, it’s easier than you think. And success can come quickly in the form of increased profits and loyal clients. There’s just a thing or two you need to know; and Universal Accounting Center can teach them to you.

Geometric Growth Ensures Success

Offer one service and you’ve got a handful of loyal clients. Increase your offerings with complimentary services and you’ve got a host of clients who do your marketing for you, working like a foot army of advertisers to spread the word about your valuable services.You can see how increasing your offerings will enable you to serve all the clients in your target market, satisfying their every financial need, increasing your appeal and your bottom line!

Accounting Services

Every business is required by law to perform accounting functions, and the truth is most small businesses don’t have the expertise on their staff to record and track financial information, let alone use it to make their businesses more profitable. This means that most small business owners are in need of a Profit Expert.The Professional Bookkeeper Program LogoUniversal Accounting Center’s Professional Bookkeeper Program is designed to help you do just that, enabling you to become proficient in the practical application of accounting processes in small to mid-sized businesses by mastering the principles of full-charge bookkeeping. Not to mention you can earn a professional designation to go with it, demonstrating to clients that you have the expertise and skills necessary to assist their small business.

Tax Services

Every person of working age is required to file their taxes each year, and as tax law becomes more complicated and tax payers become more worried about making mistakes, the demand for competent tax preparers increases. And when your accounting clients learn that you also prepare taxes, chances are they’ll come to you for that service as well – a service for which you can charge $100 + dollar per hour!

QuickBooks Services

Over 80% of small businesses use Intuit’s accounting software, QuickBooks. And while it may help them manage their finances, without proper training they are unaware of all this program can do for their business. In fact, many of them may not understand how to use QuickBooks to properly setup an accounting system. That’s where you step in.QuickBooks training logo.The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks will teach you how to use QuickBooks to attract larger numbers of potential clients while representing yourself as the expert. Learn how to leverage your time, and offer potential clients services that will help them reduce taxes, increase profits and put more money in the bank.

Do you see how these three programs will more than pay for themselves in the Next 12 Months?

But don’t just take our word for it; see what our graduates are saying.

After taking this course I have gone from “I can do your books” to “This is why your company can’t do without me!” It was exactly what I was looking for. It is money well spent! I now have the marketing confidence to go out and get clients! The practice sets were good. For someone coming into this brand new, the first two weeks are great for them! Overall, this is awesome! —Darlene BennettWith the help of your company’s program I was able to get out of the bad advertising job I had and finally set foot as a professional bookkeeper. I now make $10000 more per year than my old job and I am very happy working in this field. — Forrest WoolmanYou’ll be glad to know that in the time I completed the course, I have gone from 1 client, a friend of mine, to 27 clients in a matter of just 8 months. I’m finally realizing the potential that I always knew I had. — V. A. VonTonder

The best part was that it gave me the courage and confidence to start my own business, which as been a dream of mine for years. — C. Christensen

You know what they say: there’s no time like the present! While starting and growing your own full-financial service may take a little elbow grease, Universal Accounting Center will remove all the guess-work from the equation with these three premier programs. You’ll not only learn accounting and tax preparation, but we’ll also train you how to successfully market these services to potential clients. The New Year is just around the corner. Why don’t you make next year your best year yet by becoming a full-service financial provider! This deal won’t last much longer. Order now to take advantage of these incredible savings.

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