Post Tax Season–Build Your Clientele

Many accountants also offer tax preparation services.  Now that tax season is over, you may be experiencing some downtime.  While we encourage you to take a must-deserved break, you may also want to fill your time with some tasks designed to build your client roster.  Here are three you might consider:

1. Issue a Press Release

Writing a press release that’s published in your local paper is a great way to get free publicity.  Fairly easy to write and straight forward, a press release will expose local business owners to your name and the valuable services you offer.  But do a little research before you write — you want your press release to multitask; it should be newsworthy and generate good PR.

2. Network

This powerful marketing strategy shouldn’t be ignored.  Anyone can be a potential client; anyone can refer your services to friends and family.  Anywhere you go, including the grocery store and the local daycare, can be a networking location. Ask your clients to refer their family and friends.  Just don’t be too pushy and remember to return the favor when possible.  And always carry plenty of business cards.

3. Build a Website

If you’re a technical guru, then this should be easy.  If you’re not, it can still be easy.  There are plenty of reasonably-priced services designed to help you create a professional website that will drive potential clients your way.  Once you have a website you can advertise promotional offers, events, and an ezine, all of which can promote more business for you.  Just be sure that whoever creates your site knows how build in the key words that will enable web browsers display your site when internet users are searching for accounting and tax help.

Now back to that vacation.  What good is it to have your own business and work hard to bring in more income if you don’t occasionally enjoy it?  While this won’t build your client roster, it will enable you to enjoy the relaxation necessary to be at your best when you do return to work.  To truly refresh yourself and spend quality time with your family, you need to take a regular vacation and enjoy one another’s company.  Whether you cruise the Caribbean or go camping, it’s important that you spend dedicated time away from work.  In fact, a good time to plan for that vacation is right now.  Get out your calendar and schedule a celebratory summer getaway!

If you’d like to read more about ways to build your clientele now that tax season is over, read a recent article posted to WebCPA written by our very own Allen Bostrom, President and CEO of Universal Accounting Center.  Read “Tax Season is Over—Now What?” today.