Push Versus Pull and Web Marketing


Dr. Doolittle Called it a Push-Me-Pull-Me…

Push Versus Pull – What You Must Know to Get the Most Value Out of Your Internet Marketing

I never understood Dr. Doolittle’s Push-Me-Pull-Me. It looked like a llama with two front legs and two heads that were facing opposite directions. As a child, I could never figure out how the darn thing knew which way to go. Which head was the head… and which was the… er…tail. Kind of confusing, don’t you think?Marketing on the internet can be the same way, unless you know the difference between pushing and pulling. Direct marketers have mastered the art of pushing. In fact, if your direct mail piece can’t push, it isn’t a very good piece.The best direct mail will motivate the reader to action. (Pushes) Whether it’s filling out a response card, making a phone call or looking up an internet site, your direct mail needs to push.Click HERE to learn more about creating good direct mail.

On the Internet, Don’t Be Pushy

Pushing doesn’t work on the Internet. Your Web site, your e-mails, all your Online marketing needs to pull.Since the beginning of the Internet, it’s been a huge repository of information. Most people Online use the Internet to find information… not to be pushed into buying something. Consider it the culture of the Net.

What Do You Mean By Pull?

Give your Web site visitors a reason to visit your site, and they will. Focus your Internet marketing on offering useful and timely information that will pull them into your sales message. Let your clients and potential clients know that you update your site regularly and they’ll come back — and they’ll share your Web site address with their friends.Once you create your Web site, you need to understand that it’s never finished. Set up your site with the idea that you will be changing and updating it on a regular basis. Incorporate client feedback, new information and how it will effect your clients as part of your site updates. As an avid Internet user myself, nothing is more boring than visiting a site that never changes its content. I just stop visiting.

You’ve Pulled Them Into Your Site. Now is the Time to Give Them Your Message

Although most people who surf the Net are looking for information, it’s often information to help them make a decision about a purchase. Offer them the information which helps them make an educated decision, then offer your sales message. But remember, don’t be pushy.If you’ve done your job and set the stage by offering valuable and timely information, your sales message will not only be accepted… you’ll find new clients and create better relationships with your present clients.

The Push-Me-Pull-Me Pushes and Pulls…

Although you can’t “push” your Online visitors, you should be pushing all your clients to your Online presence as often as you can. A complete Internet marketing strategy includes a little pushing. You just don’t do it Online.If you build it they will come… is a bad way to market your Web site. Once your site is Online, you’ve got to promote it. Sure you can buy Google ads and market your Internet site online, but if that’s all you do, you’re not using it as effectively as you can.Your business cards, letterhead and any printed media you use for promotion should include your Web address, with an invitation to visit you there. Really savvy Online marketers offer special Internet-Only promotions that reward their Internet visitors with special pricing or additional services that aren’t offered to their off-line clients.And don’t ignore direct mail. Not only is it a fantastic way to reach out to your clients, but it’s also an incredibly effective tool for pushing people to your Web site. Well crafted direct mail is the most effective marketing you can do and will fit hand-in-glove with a well executed Internet marketing effort.

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