QuickBooks Training: A Small Investment with Big Returns


QuickBooks Training: A Small Investment with Big Returns

A group of professionals look at a laptop together.Would you be interested in any of the following?

  • Mastering a software program that over 80% of small business owners use to manage their accounting?
  • Offering additional services to your menu that would appeal to more clients?
  • Making your job easier by teaching your clients to get the information you need in a useful format?
  • Making more money?

We’re guessing that a couple of those questions above would appeal to most accountants and bookkeepers. And you’d be surprised at just how easy it is to accomplish all four in one month!Every business owner wants to increase their bottom line. You’ve probably heard us talk about geometric growth before. If so, we apologize for this reminder: geometric growth is the ability to grow your business by offering new services. The new clients you attract will be exposed to your existing services; existing clients will be exposed to your new services. This gives you the opportunity to increase your income by increasing your billable hours.

QuickBooks Services: Benefiting You and Your Clients

Nearly 80% of small businesses use Intuit’s QuickBooks Software. While other programs may be useful, QuickBooks has definitely captured the small business market. As an accountant or bookkeeper you know that over 80% of accounting opportunities are with small businesses. The stats are in your favor; learning QuickBooks is a great business decision.Becoming a QuickBooks Specialist would provide you with countless ways to bring in more business, increase your income, and make your job easier.

New Income Opportunities

If nearly 80% of small businesses use QuickBooks; where’s the income opportunity, you ask? You can offer QuickBooks set-up and consultation services for $65-$95 per hour. You’ll find companies who want to do their accounting tasks themselves, but need help configuring QuickBooks to meet their needs. And once you’ve helped a company set up its initial QuickBooks system, who do you think they’ll turn to for help? You, of course! After all, you’ll have the training and expertise they’ll need whenever they run into a problem.You can compliment your QuickBooks services by offering QuickBooks support. Consider this: Intuit charges $75 an incident and $349-$600 per year for support. That’s too pricey for most small business owners; you could offer QuickBooks support for a more reasonable fee and draw in more clients in need of a little QuickBooks help.

Attract New Clients

Geometric growth, remember? With QuickBooks expertise, you can increase your services by appealing to both new and existing clients. The secret to obtaining new clients is to begin with at least a small portion of their accounting pie, with the expectation that your portion of the pie will grow as the company and its accounting needs grow. You can begin by automating a business’s accounting process. And even if businesses are doing the books themselves, they will need help in certain areas or have problems that only you can solve. Taxes and depreciation come to mind immediately, along with installation support, accruals, job costing, estate planning, and a myriad of additional services that only you can offer. And once your QuickBooks clients recognize the value and competence of your expertise, they’ll come to you for other accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Useable Information

The biggest complaint we hear from accountants and bookkeepers is that the information provided by their clients is often difficult to sort out and in some cases unusable. This is true whether the client is doing the books by hand or through QuickBooks. Your QuickBooks services will enable your clients to get going and continue in the right direction. You’ll quickly find that the information they give you will be useable, making your job easier.

Universal Accounting’s Professional Bookkeepers Guide to QuickBooks

Universal Accounting Center’s self-paced program enables you to complete the parts that interest you and skip over the parts that don’t. Even if you have used QuickBooks for years the program teaches you shortcuts and methods you may not have known. You will be impressed by the simple flow and completeness of UAC’s Professional Bookkeepers Guide to QuickBooks.We teach you how to do the basic transactions, how to reconcile accounts, what the program does with its data, and a basic understanding of fundamental accounting principles. We have also included about 18 hours of bookkeeping instruction and a complete detailed presentation of QuickBooks fundamentals. You might as well call it a lifesaver.Also when you purchase UAC’s Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks, you will receive unlimited free e-mail support with the program. This gives you an additional lifeline if you can’t solve a client’s problems. If you run into questions you can’t answer, e-mail us any time you want. Our goal is to have a response to you within two hours. We can’t always reach that goal, but we always respond within 24 hours.Order this program now and it will more than pay for itself in a few months’ time. Don’t wait to grow your business today. Make the small investment in yourself that can result in big returns for your bottom line – Order Now!

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