Recharging Your Battery


batteryMost of us assume that we can increase our energy levels by getting the proper amount of rest, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly.  Brian Tracy, motivational speaker and author, would argue that’s only partially correct.  While that may help increase our physical energy, we also need to attend to our mental and emotional energy levels, which can be easily depleted.

Mental Energy

Tracy claims that mental energy is what powers your ability to be creative, solve problems and make decisions.  You draw from this energy as your manage your clients’ accounts, accruing those all-important billable hours.  The more efficient your use of this energy, the more productive, and ultimately, the more profitable you will be.

Emotional Energy

This is where you will find your enthusiasm and passion for what your do.  Not only does this energy power your business, but it’s also what makes your personal life enjoyable as well.  You can power-up your emotional energy by ensuring that you spend quality time with those you care about, doing the things your love.

The Connection

Physical energy, mental energy and emotional energy all power your business.  And a reduction in any of these energy levels affects the others.  It’s important that you recognize this connection and conserve energy when possible.  We can quickly burn through emotional energy by expressing negative emotions.   Of those who do this, Tracy explains, “Negative emotions are like a fire that burns up their energy so quickly they have very little left with which to think positively and constructively.  In fact, one five-minute uncontrolled outburst of anger can burn up as much energy as an average person would use in eight hours of work.”

He offers three tips in ensuring that you have a healthy supply of these interconnected energy types:

  1. It’s an old standby because it’s true: the better you attend to your physical needs, the more energy you’ll enjoy.  While it may sound redundant, getting the proper amount of rest, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly will power your throughout the day and enable you to feel equal to the challenge of your daily To-Do lists.
  2. Recognize how you’re depleting your energy levels and which type of energy-physical, mental, emotional-you rely on most.  Consider ways you can better balance your energy levels and recharge and conserve when possible.
  3. Plug up those energy leaks by better managing your stress.  You will also build your energy levels when you practice positive thinking and focus on living a more relaxed and optimistic life.

When you make a conscious effort to increase your energy, you’ll find that your business responds in kind.  Take measures today to ensure that you recharge your battery and your business.

Universal Accounting Center (UAC) Makes It Easy

Confidence is a key energizer.  It can increase your energy levels more than just about any other emotion.  And if it’s confidence you’re looking for, UAC can help.  Our graduates leave our programs with the confidence necessary to start and/or grow their own businesses.  Read what they’re saying about our Professional Bookkeeper Program:

This course has literally changed my life. When I started I hardly knew the difference between a debit and a credit. Now I have the confidence to tackle almost any type of business and do their books.-A. Moody Great practical course providing you with the skills and self-confidence to go out and build your own bookkeeping/accounting service.-B. Pace The subject matter covered in your course has been invaluable. I have worked in the accounting field for the past six years; your course gave me the training and confidence I needed to advance in this area.-G. Morton This course is definitely NOT just an introductory course, although it is wonderful even for beginners. It is a comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping course that truly taught me everything I would need to know to start my own accounting business, and gain clients with confidence.-J. Young

What makes this program so special?  Taught by seasoned professionals who understand the unique demand for small-business accountants, this self-paced program will train you using a hands-on instructional approach designed to give you the experience necessary to start a business’s books from scratch.  Whether you’ve been working in the accounting profession for years or have little experience at all, this course will help you gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to start and/or grow your own accounting practice.

The Professional Bookkeeper Program

This course is comprised of four modules contained on DVD so you can view them again and again.

  • Module 1-Accounting Made Easy
  • Module 2-Practical Small Business Applications
  • Module 3-Advancing your “Account-Ability”
  • Module 4-Building a Successful Accounting Service

Each one comes with its own manual where you are expected to practice the concepts and skills you learn.  Upon completion, you will take an exam through which you can earn professional certification, demonstrating your expertise to prospective clients.

In addition to all that you will also receive two additional months of follow-up support, your own customize business website, and two additional practice sets.

Get the training necessary to boost your emotional energy by developing greater confidence-your accounting practice depends upon it.  Order today!


Tracy, Brian.  “Increase Your Three Types of Energy.” 30 June 2008.  Brian Tracy International

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