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“A farmer wanted to buy a pony for his daughter. There were two for sale in his town. Both ponies were equal in all aspects. The first man told the farmer he wanted $500 for his pony – take it or leave it. The second man was selling his pony for $750.”But the second man told the farmer he wanted the farmers daughter to try out the pony for a month before the farmer had to make any purchasing decision. He offered to bring the pony out to the farmer’s home along with a months worth of hay to feed the pony. He said he’d send out his own stableman once a week to show the little girl how to groom and care for the pony. He told the farmer the pony was kind and gentle, but to have his daughter ride the pony each day to make certain they got along together. “Finally, he said that at the end of the thirty days he’d drive over to the farmer’s and either take back the pony and clean up the stall – or ask, then, to be paid $750.Which pony do you suppose the farmer decided to purchase for his daughter?”

Jay Abraham/Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got

Make it Easy to Say Yes

In any sales situation; it doesn’t matter if you’re selling automobiles, high tech computer systems, or even accounting services; if you make it easier for your clients to say yes, you will find a “competitive edge” that is usually overlooked by the competition.

How do you do this? Take away the emotional, psychological and financial risk factors that are always associated with any decision. It doesn’t matter if they are stated or not, most people associate a level of risk with making a change in what they buy or what services they purchase.

Remove the risks, make it safe for your clients to do business with you, and you will have eliminated the primary obstacle to doing business with you.

Is there Anything Safer than Risk Free?

I think Risk Free is even better than Free. Many companies offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with their product or service, they’ll refund your money. There is no such guarantee, either real or implied with something that is simply free.

If you guarantee your product or service you need to tell your clients about it. What good is removing the risk for your clients if nobody knows about it? You’ll need to make it part of the core of your selling message. Never be afraid to tell someone that you stand behind your product or service 100%.

What does guarantee really mean? It means that you completely take away the risk of doing business with you. You assume the risk. How can you apply this to your Bookkeeping clients? One way would be to offer to provide services for a month, at the end of the month if you have not completed the predetermined objectives for the month, your services are free.

Because you are providing a service, don’t make your guarantee apply to a vague and unmeasurable standard… if you can’t measure your performance, how can you guarantee it? At the end of the month, determine with your client if you met the standard and decide if you are going to continue.

The second half of the guarantee is the commitment of the client to work with you if you meet or exceed what you promised. Of course, you had better perform.

Now, Let’s Talk About Something Better than Risk Free

Have you ever heard of a Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee? I once knew of a photography studio that offered a 100% Money Back Guarantee plus $5.00 if you weren’t happy with your senior pictures. That’s a better-than-risk-free guarantee.

Of course, you’d better be convinced that your product or service is good enough to stand the test of your guarantee. Your willingness to offer this kind of guarantee speaks louder than your words to convince your clients and potential clients of the value and quality of your service.

What Do I Do If Someone Actually Uses My Guarantee to Ask for A Refund?

This is sometimes the hard part. You smile, give them the refund, and thank them for the opportunity to provide your service for them. Then, you ask for another opportunity to work with them.

Try as we might, sometimes we make mistakes. When we courteously acknowledge an error, do all we can to make it right, and express our continued interest in working with our client they will often be willing to give us a second change. At least, they’ll hold no ill-will since we graciously complied with our promise to reduce the risk for them.

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