Say What You Mean to Say

The holidays are a time when people are more likely to believe in magic.  Jessica Hagy, a Forbes contributor who uses pointed visuals to share powerful ideas, recently posted “40 Things to Say before You Die,” a piece that may inspire you do amazing things before the New Year.  Here we share 13 of our favorite:

  1. “I wonder.”  It all begins with wonder.  If we’re afraid to even wonder, we’ll never achieve anything worthwhile.
  2. “I believe in this.”  Belief is a powerful motivator, whether it’s placed in an idea, a purpose or a higher power.  Having the clarity to know what you believe is a beautiful gift.
  3.  “I’m not finished.”  Only we can determined what our life’s work is and whether or not we’ve completed it.
  4.  “That’s enough.”  Recognizing that we have more to do must be coupled with the ability to see a chapter of our lives close.
  5.  “I can do better.”  Hagy says it best when she explains, “As soon as you say it, you’re that much closer to making it true.”
  6.  “I survived.”  Whether it’s a tsunami or a business failure, survival is evidence of life, and as Hagy claims, “Moments of danger are the plot points of an exciting life.”
  7.  “How can I help you?”  Having the capacity to help someone is one thing.  Attempting to help someone is a different thing altogether.  Only within the latter lies the opportunity to truly change lives.
  8.  “Congratulations!”  Experiencing, and communicating, genuine joy for the success of others is the mark of a great person.
  9.  “I can master this.”  The statement simultaneously implies two things: a willingness to try and a belief in oneself.
  10.  “Hold the mayo.”  Here Hagy expresses the profound idea that regularly requesting little things empowers you to periodically request bigger things.
  11. “This is who I am.”  There is strength in recognizing who you are and being unwilling to compromise your character for anyone or anything.
  12. “I’m sorry.”  It’s important that we recognize when we’ve made a mistake and make restitution with anyone we may have hurt in the process.
  13. “I’ll try it.”  A willingness to take risks is the mark of bravery.  It’s also the stuff entrepreneurs are made of.

Perhaps some of these quotes have inspired you to live your life more fully.  As the New Year approaches, consider things you’d like to do differently.  And as you evaluate your career, consider what you aspire to rather than what you’ll settle for.

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Hagy, Jessica.  “40 Things to Say before You Die.”  4 October 2012