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Scott MScott McKinley has worked at Universal Accounting Center (UAC) for eight years now. As the Marketing Coach he engages with students one-on-one as they develop and implement marketing plans, refine their sales skills and conduct successful business seminars.

Each Universal student receives 6 to 12 months of student-initiated coaching upon enrollment. Scott oversees all those calls related to marketing and helps students use proven Universal strategies to create customized marketing plans that meet their unique needs. Scott explains, “Coaching is really a passion of mine because this is where the rubber meets the road with a lot of people.  To have accountability in a situation where there usually isn’t any, can be a big help for these students of Universal Accounting.”

In addition to the traditional coaching students receive with each training program, Universal also has a Master Coaching program through which individuals receive 12 weeks of more focused mentoring that helps them set and achieve goals, complete special assignments, and role play presentations and networking conversations as they launch their own accounting and/or tax practices. Scott manages these student interactions as well. He says, “This is different from the student-initiated calls that come in on a daily basis. We have had tremendous success with our Master Coaching program, and it is something I am very proud to be involved with.”

Scott also travels throughout the country as the primary presenter at Universal’s Start Today Seminars which introduce attendees to UAC and key marketing strategies they can use to start their own accounting and/or tax practices. His infectious enthusiasm and natural speaking talent make him a favorite presenter at Universal Accounting events.  Scott explains his aims in directing these seminars: “…My purpose isn’t just to provide free information.  My objective is to go out week after week and present myself and my company as the experts in this industry when it comes to teaching small business bookkeeping, taxes and also marketing.  If that is successful, the people in my seminars will most likely continue the relationship with Universal Accounting beyond the free three-hour seminar, and enroll to become full students of our curriculum.”

Scott believes the biggest obstacle preventing prospective students from moving forward is fear.  “Fear of not knowing what will happen.  Fear of failure.  Fear of public speaking.  Fear of not knowing what to say.  …This is why I’ve studied the Law of Attraction and implemented the teaching into the coaching that I offer to students that I work with—to help them realize that their thoughts become words.  And those words become actions.  And those actions are attracting either the success or failure into their lives.”

Recently Scott had a special experience with one of his West Palm Beach seminar attendees, Francisco Jimenez.  Francisco stayed after the seminar and waited for everyone to leave so that he could speak to Scott in private.  He told Scott that he had worked in bookkeeping in his native country, but because of his thick accent he was unable to secure a financial position in the states; he had only been able to secure employment in the restaurant industry cooking and cleaning.  Scott remembers, “He saw this as an opportunity to work on his bookkeeping skills with an American background, while learning how to communicate better in English.  He was moved to tears as I welcomed him as a student.  He hugged me and thanked me for helping him take the first steps towards changing his and his family’s life.”

Scott, while wearing many hats, manages all his responsibilities with competence and passion.  And the favorite part of his job is in working with Universal students. He says, “Each one of our students is unique. Some are new to the accounting industry and require extra coaching… Some have degrees in accounting with years of experience. Some are unemployed. Many have families and are trying to juggle their personal lives and a new career. However the one thing they all have in common is an excitement and passion for accounting. And if they are working with me, that means they have a need for marketing training. That’s where I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned in my 8 years at Universal Accounting…”

Take Advantage of UAC’s Master Coaching Program

If you think you could benefit from working with a Universal coach like Scott McKinley, consider enrolling in our Master Coaching Program.  A coach would help you evaluate your what’s-not-working list and get your business exactly where you’d like it to be.

Look into our Master Coaching Program today!  We’re certain you’re an amazing financial professional.  And we’re also certain, that will a little coaching, you can become even better.  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7908 to enroll now!

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