Setting up your home-based office

This article examines the first step in starting a successful homebased accounting and bookkeeping service — your office.

Your first rule of success for any home-based business is to stake out your territory. You need to locate a place in your home that is away from the main traffic path of the home, and has as much solitude as you can find. If nothing else, find a corner of a room as far from the door as practical. Or, if circumstances allow, it is best to use a separate room.

Stay away from the kitchen table. That’s the worst place in the home. The kitchen is, for most families, the busiest room in the house. Beside all the distractions, you are constantly having to interrupt your work and set your papers aside for a meal. Then, when you want to get back into it, you will need to make sure all the milk, ketchup, and whatever else has been thoroughly cleaned, or you might be doing work over again.

You will need something to work on. A folding table works well for some. Others want the prestige of having a beautiful cherry wood, executive desk. Since most clients will never see your working environment, the choice is simply one of your personal preference, and how much you want to spend on your surroundings. If money is an issue, pick up a six-foot folding table at your local discount store. If you like the smooth feel and attractive look of a big solid wood desk, keep in mind it won’t make a difference in how many clients you get, but it might make a difference in your pocket book.

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