Should You Stay or Should You Go?



5 Questions to Ask about Your Current Position

The economy has left many of us grateful for our full-time jobs, never mind whether or not those positions are even fulfilling.  But there’s no time like the present to evaluate your career and see what, if any, improvements need to be made.  The last thing you want to do is be passive about your position and expect things to magically get better; regret over lost time is a heavy burden to bear.  Consider, instead, asking yourself the following five questions to evaluate your career and push it back on track:

1. Are you happy?

Sometimes it can be that simple.  Are you happy?  While every job has its ups and downs, you should find yourself generally happy with your job: happy to wake up in the morning, happy to see the people you work with, happy to tackle your projects.

If the answer is no…

If you’re not happy, pinpoint the source of your unhappiness.  Perhaps you’re experiencing personnel problems.  If so, consider whether or not that can be resolved by talking with the coworkers in question.  Is it bad enough for you to request a change in team or a transfer?  If you’re outright miserable, it may be time to look for another job!

2. Do you feel challenged?

You can love your work environment, your coworkers, and even your job description and still not feel satisfied.  A challenging position enables you to learn and grow.  It can also inspire and excite you.

If the answer is no…

If you’re not challenged, that means you’re not advancing in your career; you’re stagnate.  You need to change that, and quickly.  And that doesn’t mean you need to start looking for a new job.  Schedule an appointment with your supervisor or boss and ask if you can take on new and different projects.  Better yet, ask if you can work towards a promotion.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll earn more money, but it does mean you’ll learn new skills and take on more responsibility, and that’s always good for your career in the long run.

3. Are you getting paid what you’re worth?

When your salary measures up to your experience and skills you feel respected and valued as an employee.  When it doesn’t, resentment often builds and you can begin to feel like a drone.

If the answer is no…

You need to research what the standard salary is for your skill-set to ensure that you’re not inflating your worth.  Once you have a number to compare your current salary with, and can articulate how you benefit your employer, it’s time to talk with your boss.  But don’t be aggressive.  Nothing turns an employer off more than a smarty-pants employee who demands a higher wage.  Be calm, assertive, and willing to contribute more in order to get that raise.  And don’t threaten to quit if you don’t mean it.

4. Does your current position have potential for upward mobility?

A job is rewarding when it offers you the opportunity to learn new skills and advance, earning more responsibility and a higher wage.  You don’t want to work for years at a job that promises to remain the same, day after day, month after month, year after year.  A career implies growth, and if you’re not moving upward, you’re not moving anywhere.

If the answer is no…

It’s time for you to look for a job that allows you to advance.  Many employees will endure a lower wage and cubicle walls for the potential to work their way up in a company.  If there’s no where else to go but out, maybe it’s time you packed your desk and found something more promising.  But don’t jump ship before you’ve found yourself another boat, or at least a life raft.  Since you currently have a steady job, use your spare time to find something more rewarding.

5. Are you on the right career track?

If you’ve always wanted to be an accountant, but took a job as a bank teller to pay the bills, you might find yourself frustrated in your day-to-day work activities.

If the answer is no…

If there’s no chance that you could advance to a position that aligns more with your career of choice, then it might be time to look for a new job.  And if you haven’t taken the time to make any career goals, now is the time.  Without a target, it’s difficult to hit the mark and progress.  Write down some career goals and imagine where you’d like to be in 2, 5, even 10 years.  That will make it easier for you to take the necessary actions to achieve those goals.

The worse thing you could do is assume that being a recession means you have no power to change your current status as an employee.  You are the one in control of your career, but first you must evaluate your current job and what it offers you.  Once you take inventory, you decide where you’d like to go from there and take action to get where you’d truly like to be.

Is It Time You Became Your Own Boss?

Perhaps this short evaluation has caused you to consider other professional avenues, like launching your own accounting practice.  If that’s the case, you need to enroll in UAC’s Universal Practice Builder Program, designed to train people like you how to grow businesses that are more enduring and lucrative.  Here’s just a sampling of what you will gain from enrolling in this phenomenal program:

  • A guarantee of $30,000 in new annualized billings in only 12 months
  • The skills to become a Profit Expert for each of your clients
  • 12 marketing strategies that you can implement immediately
  • A process which can produce 15 to 25 qualified leads per month
  • 3 months of coaching via telephone and Internet
  • Training on a computerized database tracking program
  • A presentation DVD to show potential clients
  • Training to use QuickBooks to attract more clients
  • Access to a plan proven to help retain clients
  • 5 business assessments
  • A customized business website
  • An iron-clad guarantee

See the recession as the time to take charge of your career by becoming your own boss.  You can become independent and profitable by launching the premier accounting practice in your area.  Allow us to show you how.  Call 1-877-833-7909 to enroll in the Universal Practice Builder Program today!

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