Simple Referral System

It’s hard to beat referrals from clients who are happy with the service that you are providing.

One simple way to initiate referrals is by the introduction of a client survey that you can send out by mail, fax or e-mail.

There are only 3 questions which form the survey:

1. What appeals to you most about our service?

2. How can we improve the value of our service for you?

And, now the leading question –

3. Who else do you feel would benefit from our service?

When your clients are focusing on the benefits that you provide it’s easier for them to also think about their contacts who can take advantage of these benefits.

There are further gains for you from the survey:

  • You can convert the answer to the first question easily to a testimonial
  • The second question may draw attention to an opportunity for you or alternatively set off alarm bells regarding a potential problem which has not surfaced yet

This simple strategy is really easy to implement. Furthermore it doesn’t take much time or cost to establish, would not be regarded as intrusive or heavy handed and can yield some immediate results which are helpful in building your business.

In short it meets all the tests that you would apply to a marketing strategy.

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