Small Firms are in Big Demand

Smaller is better. At least two surveys over the past two years show that the Big Four accounting firms are losing clients. Some of them are dropping clients by choice, but many of their clients are leaving the big firms in search of a more personalized service and lower prices.This is great news for you. Although the Big Four accounting firms aren’t servicing the small businesses that you and I talk about, smaller and mid-sized CPA firms service both corporate and small business clients. As large corporations do more and more business with smaller CPA firms, this provides an excellent opportunity for Small Business Bookkeepers and Accountants to service the businesses that the CPA firms are leaving in favor of doing larger corporate accounting.

Small Business Accounting is Where it’s At

85% of the opportunities that exist in bookkeeping and accounting exist in small businesses. A few weeks ago, we talked about the 550,000 new small businesses that open each month in the United States.Not only is the opportunity great, but small business accounting is the most exciting.As a small business bookkeeper/accountant you’ll be a big part of the profitability of the small businesses that you work with. From payables to receivables, even payroll, the small business bookkeeper/accountant is a business owner’s profit expert.

Small Business Accounting Expertise – It’s Achievable, Profitable and Easy

Universal Accounting Center has been teaching small business accounting since 1979. That’s over 25 years.Universal does what others can’t. College and university accounting graduates are more interested in finance, analysis and corporate accounting… and most university programs don’t spend any time teaching the intricacies of small business accounting.It takes a small business expert to teach small business accounting. As a small business accountant, you’ll need to know about many different kinds of businesses. From flower shops to bicycle shops. Bakeries to Construction companies. Universal Accounting understands the needs of small businesses.

Businesses Need What You Have to Offer

Most accounting software packages are sold as if the business owner doesn’t need to know anything about accounting to do the books. While this may be true of data input, it’s not true for understanding what the accounting system is telling him or her via the numbers. It takes a skilled bookkeeper/accountant to do that.The accounting process is critical to the success of any small business. The small business bookkeeper/accountant provides the important interpretation of the numbers that allows the business owner to make informed decisions concerning the financial health of his or her business.

Become the Small Business Profit Expert and Be Well Paid

Most freelance small business bookkeepers earn an average of $300 per month per client. When you first start working with a new business, it might take you 8-10 hours per client week to do the books each month. But over time that hourly commitment will drop. Even at 8-10 hours a week for each client, at the end of the month you’ve just grossed $6000. That’s a minimum of $30 per hour.Of course some clients will bill more… some less. Part of what you’ll learn with Universal Accounting is an easy and practical way to know what to bill for your services. You’ll learn how to set-up your business. You’ll learn how to find and keep clients. You’ll become a profit expert.

Now is the Time

I know you’ve heard this before. There are many out there telling you the same thing. Let me show you why the Professional Bookkeeper Program is different. As the regulations that face small businesses continue to become more and more complicated and the number of new businesses each month continues to grow, the need for qualified small business accounting experts has never been greater. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.If you want to earn what you’re worth and create the lifestyle that you and your family deserve, owning a small business bookkeeping and accounting practice is the perfect solution. Discovering for yourself how profitable and attainable this will be for you is only a couple more mouse clicks away. Click on the link below and find out why so many people just like you and me are starting their own small business bookkeeping and accounting practice.Click Here and Discover How Achievable, Profitable and Easy Starting a Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Practice Will Be