Staying Motivated at Year’s End

It’s been a long year, and we’re less than two months away 2013.  The truth is some of us may be feeling a little weary, a little burned out, and perhaps a little testy.  How do we shake that negativity and gear up for a powerful new year?  In a recent article, author Grant Cardone shares “6 Tips for Staying Supercharged.”  We share 4 of his tips here:

1. Get your sleep! Take the time to evaluate your work schedule and see how you can ensure that you’re getting enough sleep.  This may require setting some practical boundaries.  One way you can achieve that is by vowing to work only within designated office hours.  For example, you might decide that you won’t work after 9pm, and you don’t go to bed after 10pm.  Or perhaps it means you reserve your weekends for yourself and your family.

2. Exercise regularly. Getting back into or starting an exercise regime is a great way to boost your energy level.  It’s no secret that exercise increases your metabolism as well as your self-image.  When you exercise regularly you feel better about yourself, are more confident, and work with vigor and vitality.  And even if you don’t follow a specific exercise plan, try to inject a little more activity into your life.  This gives you the opportunity to unwind and release tension, which helps you work at an optimum level and give your business the best you have.

3. Write your goals twice a day.  If you’re a small business owner without goals, you are certain to arrive somewhere.  Of course, that somewhere may be in a lawyer’s office, filing for bankruptcy.  Perhaps it will be back at a full-time job, drudging away to help your employer become more profitable.  However, if you set realistic goals and  remind yourself of them regularly, you’ll be more likely to maintain that passion you have for your work which is a great motivator.  Cardone suggests you accomplish that by writing your goals down twice a day.

4. Surround yourself with supportive people.  It’s important that you be on the same page with your family.  Cardone explains, “If your spouse, children, parents and siblings celebrate your wins with you, it will go a long way toward keeping you motivated and energetic.”

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated while making your way through the daily grind.  But as you follow these suggestions you may find that you’re more than ready to face the New Year refreshed, with increased energy and focus!

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Cardone, Grant.  “6 Tips for Staying Supercharged.” 3 October 2012