Success Indicators (Part Two of a Two-Part Series)


10 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Accounting Business Success 2There are certain characteristics that will assist you on the road to entrepreneurialism.  And while some may come naturally, others can be developed and honed.  In this two-part series we examine 10 characteristics commonly found in successful entrepreneurs.  Last week we discussed the following 5 traits that we believe are success indicators when it comes to small business ownership:

1.    Passionate

2.    Organized

3.    Accessible

4.    Involved

5.    Progressive

This week we examine the final 5:

6. Respectable

Your reputation as an entrepreneur depends upon your honesty, integrity, and determination to always conduct business honorably.  Countless corporate officers have cost themselves and others their livelihoods because they believed that personal gain was more important than personal integrity.  Because of this, many individuals seek financial professionals who are respected in their community.

7. Time-wise

In order to be successful you must manage your time well.  Not being able to do so can cost you your business.  There are countless individuals with the necessary skills and expertise who mismanage their time and, as a result, mismanage their businesses.  If you are to be your own boss, you must be able to prioritize projects and allocate your time accordingly.  Too many become distracted by the freedom of self-employment and lose track of their businesses as they lose track of time.

8. Customer-oriented

You must be in tune with your clients’ needs and continually build your business with those needs in mind.   Your customer service techniques must be excellent, and you should periodically ask for feedback in order to ensure that they are satisfied.

9. Shameless self-promoter

This is difficult for some people, but in order for the word to get out about your business, you must be willing to talk about your work in glowing terms.  First this might require that you come to recognize and appreciate the value of your own services.  In offering others the opportunity to take advantage of your accounting expertise, you are providing them with informed insight that will enable them to make more profitable business decisions.  Once you become confident of your practice’s innate value, it becomes easier (and more natural) to promote your services.

10. An expert

Prospective clients are looking to pay a professional: an industry expert.  Your credibility is often verified with professional certification.  While you don’t have to become a CPA, you should invest in training that will enable you to earn a valid designation, like that of Professional Bookkeeper.

Earn the Professional Bookkeeper Designation!

Many programs require you take months, if not years, to earn some sort of professional certification.  UAC graduate, Scott Irvins, wanted formal accounting training and decided to do something unusual; he went to a local university to get an associate’s degree in accounting and he took Universal Accounting Center’s Professional Bookkeeper course.  After all that, Scott felt UAC provided more comprehensive accounting training in less time.  He explained:

“The Universal Accounting course – we were done in 4 weeks. I knew everything we needed to do was getting started. As to the other one [University coursework], in that four weeks I hadn’t even finished the first class yet, and 18 months later I finally had a little piece of paper that says I have a degree in computerized accounting. But from the get-go with Universal Accounting Center, their training was fast and simple. In looking at both, it was actually more comprehensive than the 18 month class. We had to do the entire extra general education things, and they broke the training up into little pieces, where in Universal Accounting Center you got the whole picture and you got to do it all in four weeks. It was great.”

The Professional Bookkeeper Program better prepares bookkeepers to serve small-business clients by training them in full bookkeeper and accounting services. Upon completion, qualified students receive the PB designation, assuring prospective clients that these UAC graduates are qualified to take care of the small business owner’s bookkeeping needs. In less than 60 hours you too can earn the Professional Bookkeeper (PB) Designation and develop expertise in small business accounting.

Enhance Your Credentials by Adding QuickBooks Specialist to Your Repertoire

You probably already know that Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software is popular.  So popular, in fact, that over 80% of small business owners use it to track their finances.  With such a significant percentage, you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t know QuickBooks.

The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks is a self-paced program enabling you to skip the parts you may already know while taking the time to truly study those areas with which you’re not as familiar.  And once you complete the guide you can earn a designation proving to employers that you have certified QuickBooks expertise.

Invest in yourself by enrolling in two programs that will enable you to demonstrate your expertise to current and prospective clients.  Enroll in the Professional Bookkeeper program and the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks now and earn two professional designations to hang in your office by summer.  Enroll now.

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