The Power Package

How to Empower Your Career and Business

When my son was nine months old he got influenza and pneumonia. The first thing they did when we took him to the hospital was try to inject an IV. He was so sick that he had become extremely dehydrated and needed liquid fast. It took 13 tries before they finally got a vein, but once they did it was a matter of hours before he started to get better.

An IV is a type of infusion. And an infusion is a quick way to inject something powerful into a body, a life, a career. Last week we talked about our special year-end power package: the Professional Bookkeeper Program, and the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks Pro. You may wonder why we here at Universal Accounting continue to promote the packages that we have. Although it being our privilege to do so, the main reason we do is because Allen Bostrom and the others in the UAC Brain Trust, have painstakenly taken steps to create and keep current the training, materials, and the know-how you need to have as you go about achieving what you desire in the Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Preparation fields.

These programs filled to overflowing with financial and marketing expertise have been gathered together in one place for you. So as our student, you don’t have to spend the countless hours, thousands and thousands of dollars in wasted effort to learn what we already have at-the-ready. Only through years of pain and agony of doing business could you get all that is included in each program. And Universal is offering them all in one place.

No need for trial and error, Universal has proven and tested all that is in the coursework. This All-In-One package can infuse your business by increasing your client base, your income, and your efficiency. And while your business may not be failing (or at this point it may not even exist), if it’s not moving forward, it’s moving backwards. So don’t wait for your business to fail before you look for a powerful business infusion.

The Professional Bookkeeper (PB) ProgramYou may ask yourself, Why would I need to learn bookkeeping and accounting when I’m already performing these services? The PB Program offers numerous benefits, and to avoid flowery lingo, we’ll just list them here:

The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks ProAs you probably already know, technology can be a tremendous help in making your work more efficient and accurate. Universal Accounting Center ’s special QuickBooks training can help you with that and much more:

Universal Accounting Center’s Special OfferYou can probably see how this Power Package can infuse your business with growth and vitality. It can help you achieve business success. What you won’t believe is that you can save over $3000 by enrolling now. That’s more than half off the retail price of these products! And the best thing is we’re only offering this special year-end deal to newsletter subscribers like yourself. This powerful business infusion is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Take advantage of the years and years of experience that Universal Accounting has included in this exclusive offer!Don’t wait another day to change the course of your business for 2007!