The Sales Department that Never Sleeps – Part I


A woman types at the computer.24 hours a day… 7 days a week. How would you like to have a sales force that never sleeps, works 24 hours a day, never expects to be paid, and delivers your complete message without leaving anything out each and every time they meet with your clients? Any business owner would love to have such a tireless and faithful sales force.You might be thinking to yourself, “;Who would be willing to work so hard and not expect to be paid?”;You may find this hard to believe, but the tools to create this sales force are literally right at your fingertips.

Your Sales Force Can Use The Personal Approach

If I were to suggest “;direct mail”;, you might think only of those cheaply made 1/2 sheet fliers that you get with coupons. That couldn’t be further from what I’m talking about. The biggest mistake most business owners make is assuming that all direct mail is impersonal, cheesy and poorly crafted. That is not the case.Over the past 25 or 30 years, the Wall Street Journal has used a very effective direct mail campaign to solicit new subscribers to their magazine. You may have even received a letter yourself. Over the years I’ve received a couple of them myself.I’ve noticed that the letter has remained fundamentally the same each time I receive it. Why? Because it works. Isn’t it interesting that something most of us pass off as cheap and cheesy, the Wall Street Journal has used effectively for years? As we discuss the beauty of the “;sales force that never sleeps”; let’s talk about why what’s good for the Wall Street Journal will be just as effective for you.Let’s take a look at why the letters from the Wall Street Journal work and the coupons you’ve seen before don’t:

  1. They use a personal approach. They send a personal letter. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing this because it’s something as simple as a letter. The truly great marketing minds of the last 50 years will all tell you that a personal, finely crafted letter is one of the single most powerful selling tools in existence.
  2. They use statistically proven methods to make sure their letter gets read. Believe it or not, the science to the “;direct mail”; sales letter has been tested and successfully demonstrated for years. They use these tested methods whether or not they personally would respond to them. Statistically substantiated methods prove far superior to acting as a “;focus group of one”; like many of us tend to do. How many times have you heard someone say, “;I wouldn’t read or respond to that!”.
  3. They present their message in a concise and interesting manner. Nobody wants to waste time reading fluff… despite the fact that they send a 4+ page letter, they make sure that every word pushes the reader through the letter, the sales pitch and the close.
  4. They unashamedly ask for the reader to subscribe. They make no excuse that the purpose of the letter is to gain your subscription. By presenting the benefits to you, the reader, they demonstrate the ability of the Journal to meet those needs and ask for your subscription. Their salesman always asks for the order at the end of every presentation.
  5. They continually seek to test and improve. Like all great direct marketers, constant testing against this proven letter is required. Some of their potential subscribers get a modified letter to make sure that the letter they send out gets the best results possible. But they keep the tried and true. Why? Because it works.

Find New Clients, Reintroduce Yourself to Old Clients or Keep in Touch with Current Clients

A stack of letters.The personal letter does all these things. You’re “;sales force that never sleeps”; multi-tasks and reaches out to all of your contacts. Remember, a personal, well crafted letter is one of the most powerful sales tools you can use.You might say, “;I don’t see any other bookkeepers or accountants using a sales letter.”; That’s great. Using a sales method that others don’t in your particular market is a really smart move.

Universal’s Marketing Module Offers You Proven Sample Letters to Use with Your Clients and Prospective Clients

The Wall Street Journal uses a letter that has been tested and has proven itself over time. You can benefit from the same type of testing. Part of the Professional Bookkeeper Course offered exclusively by Universal Accounting includes a marketing module filled with tried and tested sales letters, presentations and contact ideas that have been successful for years.No other program offers as complete an education in small business accounting as Universal. No other course offers the tools to ensure that you are successful. Learning everything you’ll need to know and providing you with tested and effective sales tools that you can start using today will ensure your success.The need for professional bookkeeping and tax professionals has never been greater. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the need will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. There has never been a better time to start your business as a skilled bookkeeper and tax professional.You can build your Bookkeeping Practice by using methods proven effective. You don’t have to be a marketing genius. Universal Accounting has the tools that allow you to join the ranks of successful bookkeepers and tax professionals all over the country. People just like you and me who never considered themselves to be marketers before, but with tried and tested methods have discovered how truly simple a successful marketing effort can be.The most complete education in accounting is one click away. Enroll now in this time-tested course that will not only train you in small business accounting, but enable you to effectively market these skills. Order now!

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