Tips to Keep Your Service Top-Notch Through the Busy Holidays

Maintaining top service quality during the busy holiday season can be challenging. The holidays are among the most stressful times of the year because people travel, shop, and have family and business obligations all crunched into a two-week, very intense period with a lot of expectations and heightened emotions. Everyone’s in a hurry and expects prompt, courteous service despite the fact that there may be 10 or 15 other people demanding the same service at the same time from you.

There are steps you can take to minimize stress and keep clients happy and coming back:

* Be especially empathetic. Demonstrate genuine concern for clients’ problems. Use such statements as ‘I understand why you feel that way, ‘I see your point of view,’ and ‘I hear what you’re saying.’

* Go the extra mile. Little things mean a lot. Clients will really appreciate any effort you make to go the extra mile. For example: Give clients small gifts as tokens of your appreciation for their business, or mail them a niceChristmas card.

* Underpromise and overdeliver. During the holidays, clients may make more demands than usual. By offering clients options and alternatives, you let them know what you can do for them, not just what you can’t.

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