UAC Graduates Find Success

In this gloomy economy, it can be difficult to imagine professionals finding success launching practices of their own, but Universal Accounting has helped countless graduates do just that, in spite of the recession.  Whether it be through our accounting, tax or marketing training, our students have found solid footing as they’ve changed the trajectory of their careers for the better.

Susan Worthy discovered that her job would soon end about the same time she decided to attend Universal’s free Start Today Seminar. There she learned about the Professional Bookkeeper (PB) Program.  Ready to start her own bookkeeping practice specializing in small-business accounting, Susan enrolled and completed the course, but not before securing her first client.  Business is now booming.  She explains, “I love what I am doing now. I especially enjoy the variety of work that I do after having worked in one industry for so long… I have found that when someone contracts with you as an independent agent, they listen to you differently than they do if you are an employee. Being my own boss is wonderful!”

Samip Patil was providing part-time IT services to small and midsize businesses when he decided to expand his service offerings to include small-business accounting.  That’s when he enrolled in the Professional Bookkeeper Program.  After quickly mastering the accounting principles through this course, Samip was able to increase his clientele and change his life in ways he hadn’t before imagined.  He says, “[I] love to talk to people and provide various solutions [and] seeing a smile on business owners’ faces is the best feeling ever… Knowing that they can come to me for solid advice tells me that life will change, and it will change fast.”

Angelica Vincent quit her job working as manager of finance for a major non-profit health organization to launch her own financial practice.  Looking for all the help she could get, she enrolled in just about every program Universal offers:  the Professional Bookkeeper Program, the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks, the Professional Tax Preparer Program and the Universal Practice Builder Program.  Now, just months after quitting her job and before completing all of UAC’s training programs, Angelica has 22 regular accounting clients and 23 tax clients while continuing to get swamped with referrals.  She attests, “If it wasn’t for UAC, I would not be where I am today.”

And like these other graduates, Heather Weiler also completed the Professional Bookkeeper Program, but she found Universal Accounting’s Master Coaching program to be especially helpful.  Designed to provide students with mentors that help them create a step-by-step plan to meet business goals, Heather found that the coaching helped her apply those principles she learned in the PB program in order to launch a successful business of her own.

Heather raves, “The PB training and the coaching program have changed my life. All the people I have dealt with at UAC are fantastic. They are knowledgeable, kind and helpful… It is a wonderful feeling to take what I know to help someone else and give them peace of mind about their business. I would recommend UAC to anyone who is thinking about starting their own bookkeeping business.”

Universal’s Training Programs Have Something for Everyone

If you’re interested in advancing your career with additional training, either to secure a better job, earn a promotion or launch your own practice, visit Universal Accounting Center to learn more about their programs.  Or see what our graduates have said about their experiences!