When Perspective Clients Ask About the Competition

Be Prepared If Prospective Clients Ask About the Competition

Don’t Advertise For Your Competitors

“Never mention the competition during your sales presentation” is a long-standing selling rule that has merit. Talking about other accounting services can shift the prospect’s attention away from your company to your competitors’ offerings. But what do you do if a prospect brings up the competition?1. Get your facts straight. Respond to direct questions about other accounting services, but make sure you have accurate information. Otherwise, you’ll hurt your credibility. If you don’t know the answer to a specific question about a competitor, say so. Besides, as you learn about your competition, you might identify additional markets and methods that will bolster your own profitability.2. Don’t criticize the competition. Prospects tend to become suspicious of professionals who are overly critical of their competitors.3. When prospects ask you to compare your accounting services to the competition, they may actually be doing you a favor. Prospects want to be assured that they are making the best decision, and it’s your job to convince them that you can provide them with the solution they’ve been looking for. By asking about other accounting providers, they give you another chance to show how well you stack up against the competition (price, personal service, location, availability, accuracy, etc.)4. Anticipate sensitive questions about why your services are better–or worse–than a competitor’s and you’ll be prepared to answer them thoroughly and accurately.

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