When Your Marketing Content Fails

customizationYour promotional materials—from Facebook status updates to tweets to website content to blog posts—are all a reflection of your professionalism and expertise.  When your content fails, you fail. 

In a recent SmallBizTrends article author and entrepreneur Yaniv Masjedi asks “Are You Making These 6 Content Marketing Mistakes?”   Here we share four of those mistakes we feel can hinder even the best financial professional:

1. Selling, Selling, Selling. As Masjedi explains, “By providing articles, audio and video that interests your base, people will start to come to your site as a trusted source of information.  For many of those readers, that trust will eventually turn into dollars for you.”  The truth is, people will stop reading your content when they discover that everything you post or share is simply an advertisement for your business. 

2. Sporadic posting.  In order to generate a loyal base of followers, you need to regularly post content.  Sporadic content makes for sporadic followers.  Masjedi suggests posting two to three times per week. 

3. Creating Boring Posts.  Masjedi believes that alternating the format of your posts can add variety and interest.  Consider podcasts, infographics, photographs, and videos. 

4. Using Bad Grammar or Making Typos. There’s no doubt about it: bad grammar and typos discredit your expertise.  Who wants to leave their finances to someone who didn’t spell check their latest blog post?

There are ways to ensure your promotional content is effective and represents your practice well.  Following these tips is one way to generate content that is successful, continually drawing new clients to your business.

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Masjedi, Janiv.  “Are You Making These 6 Content Marketing Mistakes?”  5 February 2014 SmallBizTrends.com