Why Choose a Career in Professional Tax Preparation


All the tools at my fingertips to make $100 per hour… and I don’t need a college degree?

That’s right. An exciting and rewarding career as a Professional Tax Preparer could be the perfect way to create the kind of lifestyle that you are looking for. There are several advantages of owning your own Tax Preparation Service and not the least of these is an ability to earn an incredible income.Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should consider this lucrative occupation.

Earn a Better Income

If you’re like most people, you’ve spent a good deal of your life working for someone else and putting money into their pocket. Wouldn’t it be nice to earn the same type of income your boss does? Would you like to do better than that? With a career in Professional Tax Preparation, you can. With the right training, you’ll be able to bill $100 per hour or more for your services.

Be Your Own Boss

Working for yourself can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. You’re in a position to provide for yourself the type of lifestyle you and your family deserve.

Stable Income

Owning your own business can provide a stable income? I thought it was just the opposite.It sure can. If you plan and use a proven strategy for success, you will be able to create a very stable income and lifestyle.In years past, you could work in a big corporation and find all the security of lifelong employment, but those days are over. Because of corporate restructuring, layoffs, downsizing, and countless other reasons, many people have found that the career choice they thought would lead them to a secure future didn’t. But don’t despair; you can experience that security by being in business for yourself. You just need to make the right choices.Lewis Schiff, the “Armchair Millionaire” featured each week on CNN Money says, “There’s financial security to be found in nearly any employment situation–if you know how to build it. You’ll have to work … for that security when you’re self-employed, but the personal and financial rewards can make it well worth while.” We can all agree that the last person fired when a company fails is the owner.

Tax Benefits

When you own your own business there are a few perks that employees don’t get to enjoy. There are many things that you can either partially or completely write off as tax deductions. Your car, your home office, your computer and your office supplies to name just a few.

A Tax Preparation business is the perfect addition to a Bookkeeping service!

Adding a Tax Preparation business to a Bookkeeping service is just like adding Hot Fudge to Vanilla ice cream. It’s a perfect combination. By adding Tax services to your Bookkeeping services you are in a position to offer an even greater level of service to your clients. There isn’t any other person who has the day-to-day experience with your client’s financial situation that you do.Nobody is better qualified to offer your clients the year-round tax planning advice and guidance that you will be able to offer them. And you will be able to positively affect their bottom-line profits as you help them make well-informed decisions and how they impact their tax particular tax situation. And that’s not all, your clients will see more and more value in your services and advice; and be willing to pay for that value.

Why should I learn Tax Preparation for Universal Accounting?

That’s easy. We’ve been teaching Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping since 1979. With thousands of our graduates in successful careers as Accountants and Tax Preparers we will provide you with all the “nuts-and-bolts” of Tax Preparation. You will be prepared to offer your clients the finest tax advice that they will be able to find anywhere.Not only that, but you’ll learn tax preparation by hands-on learning. Unlike many courses out there, you won’t just learn tax theory… you’ll prepare over 30 different types of tax returns. I haven’t found a more complete program anywhere.You’ll learn how to prepare personal as well as business returns. Most courses offer instruction on either one or the other.Our distance learning course includes DVD instruction, work-books, coaching and support, as well as on-line evaluation to ensure that once you’ve completed the course you’re ready. Universal Accounting is the only organization authorized to award the Professional Tax Preparer certification. This is an exclusive designation that demonstrates that you are proficient in personal and small-business Tax Preparation.

Now is the time. Universal is the Place.

Now really is the time to reward yourself for your efforts and begin. Your career in Professional Tax Preparation is just a few mouse clicks away and if you act now, I’d like to offer you the Professional Tax Preparer course.I’d like to start my career in Professional Tax Preparation. Show me how.

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