Why Do You Want to Work For Yourself?


Signumd Freud summed it up many years ago when he stated that there is a reason behind every action that a person does. So if you are considering starting your own business, you must have a reason. There are many benefits, or reasons, why you might want to start your own business. So let’s examine “What’s in it for you?”


One thing that makes starting a business really rewarding is . . .  the rewards! If you are like most people, you have worked most of your life putting money into your boss’ pocket. Chances are that your boss probably drives a nicer car than you do, goes on more expensive vacations than you do, and lives in a nicer house than you do. Is this fair? It could be said that it is fair because it is what we agreed to, but maybe it is time for you to make a better deal for yourself. Starting your own business is an invitation to change your life in a meaningful and rewarding way. Is $30-$60 Per HOUR rewarding enough? If making that kind of income would make a positive impact upon your life, we have a proven system for starting an Accounting and Bookkeeping service that will make that kind of cash for you and your family.

When you start your own business, you own something of value that pays off now and is an investment in your future that you can pass on to your children. It will provide for you in your retirement years because your established business is valuable to investors that may not have the courage that you do to build a business. They would rather purchase an investment that is already generating proven income. Our secret is that our system is so proven by thousands of our graduates, that there is little risk.

One graduate of our training started her small business two years ago and is now selling her practice for $100,000 and moving to Australia. Your Accounting and Bookkeeping service provides up to $80,000 or more per year working full-time, but isn’t it nice to know that if you decide that you would like to follow another path that you can cash in at any time? If you work for someone else, when you quit, your income stops. When you build a business, you build equity in something of redeemable value!

Learn How Much Your Earning Potential Will Grow

Be Your Own Boss

Have you ever taken a day off on a whim, just because you felt that you needed it? Without calling in sick, do you have that kind of flexibility? Does the owner of the business that you work for? When you own your own Accounting and Bookkeeping business, you set your own hours and work the days that you want to. If you just want to take a play day with friends or family, the only one that you have to convince is YOU. Who wouldn’t want that kind of freedom? Many of our graduates work out of their own homes and enjoy the ability to work in formal business attire or in their pajamas. While that may not be your style, isn’t it nice to know that you could?


You likely don’t equate starting your own business with stability, but let’s put it this way: If you work for someone else and they have financial trouble, who is the last person out of a job? If you said the business owner, you would be correct. The facts are that most home businesses succeed and our graduates are proof. We have received literally thousands of testimonials from our graduates that rave about how the Professional Bookkeeper™ program changed their lives and put control of their financial future in their own hands. We know that our marketing system works because so many of our graduates have proven it through their own successful Accounting and Bookkeeping services.


If someone tells you that they are a small business owner, they are saying something about themselves: that they have the courage to create something, to be more. We often respect those that have the fire inside them to really achieve their dreams. It has been said that the real tragedy is that most of us die with our music still in us. We have great ideas and ambition, and with the proven direction of the Professional Bookkeeper™ program, you have a roadmap to success that thousands testify to.

Tax Benefits

Once you own your own business, there are so many things that you are legally entitled to deduct on your taxes. Examples of things that will be completely or partially tax deductible when you start your business are your car, your business attire, a home office, and most business costs that you incur. These are all legal and appropriate deductions that will lower your tax burden and let you keep more of the money that you make.

PB – Professional Bookkeeper Program
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Training Included:

Accounting Made Easy – – Course Module 1
Master the tools, procedures, and underlying principles that make up the bookkeeping processes of all businesses. Understand the core building blocks of Accounting and Bookkeeping. — 9 Videos & Manual. See Sample

Practical Small Business Applications — Course Module 2
Apply your understanding of the core accounting principles to specific industries. You will learn to set up books from scratch, do payroll like a seasoned pro, and much more. — 6 Videos & Manual.See Sample

Advancing your “Account-Ability” — Course Module 3
Sure ways to set up complete bookkeeping systems and manage the books for a variety of more sophisticated industries. — 9 Videos & Manual.See Sample

Building a Successful Accounting Service — Course Module 4
Learn the steps to finding paying clients. Start and Grow an accounting practice following a proven program tested and perfected since 1979. — 7 Videos & Manuals.See Sample

Two Additional Months Follow-up Support (Free Promotional Offer)
1 month support is included for each module plus 2 months extra for a total of 6 months follow-up support

Customized Web Site (Free Promotional Offer)
With your purchase we will create a custom Web site for your business and host it for you for free for 6 months. Your Web site will become a valuable part of your marketing; in many cases you may only need to refer prospective clients to your site and it will sell your services for you. See CustomUniversal Accounting® Website

Two Additional Practice Sets (Free Promotional Offer)
Practice makes perfect. The modules already contain practice sets for nine different businesses. With your purchase you’ll receive two more practice sets, giving you eleven in all. This will give you even more confidence and experience in various industries and the opportunity to work with additional types of clients.

Professional Bookkeeper Testing (Free Promotional Offer)
Certificate of completion (final grade greater than 65%)
Certified Professional Bookkeeper (with 90% or better grade)

Course Countries (US, Canada, etc)
Course intended for US, Canada, and anywhere people have accounting needs.

Professional Bookkeeper Guarantee
If, after completing the course, you feel the course didn’t live up to your expectation, simply return the materials to Universal, for a 100% refund of any monies paid.

PB – Professional Bookkeeper Program
PB - Professional Bookkeeper Program

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