You Are What You SAY


We all know that our perceptions mold our future.  According to The Secret, your thoughts determine your destiny.  According to, your words seal your fate.

In a recent article by Geoffrey James, his notes 5 words he believes determine your inclination to failure.  Whether or not you agree with his theory, you’re probably curious to know what those five words are:

1. Luck.  It’s important to use words that empower you.  When we rely on language that implies we have no control over our circumstances, we end up believing we have no control over our circumstances.  James explains, “Believing in luck focuses your thoughts on an imaginary construct that neither you nor anybody else can change or effect.”

2. Enemy.  Believing that your competition is the enemy is a little extreme, right?  Your competition is your competition.  Assigning them a label this menacing will only inflate their potential threat.  And as James believes, “The moment you demonize competitors by calling them enemies, you close off your business options.  Today’s competitors are often tomorrow’s partners.”

3. Rejection.  This one’s pretty self-explanatory.  If this word becomes commonplace in your everyday speech, chances are you’ll find your everyday life littered with rejection.  Not everyone is going to appreciate your business, your approach, and perhaps, your personality.  Rejection is a severe word.  Alter your perception so that it includes an understanding that not everyone will flock to your shingle.  And then alter it to expect that many more people will.

4. Hate.  James explains it best when he says, “Hate is a sick word, and it creates sickness in your body.  Every time you use that word, you might as well be sticking a cancer cell in your body.  Seriously.”

5.   But.  This word implies a down-side.  I think it’s a great idea, but…  We could make a lot of money, but…   James suggests, “There’s a substitute for but that actually creates momentum:  the word and.  Try it next time abut is about to emerge from your mouth.”

So, watch your mouth!  Those things you say have a more profound impact on your future than you might think.

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James, Geoffrey.  “5 Common Words That Create Failure.”

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