10 Reasons to Become an Accountant

In today’s economy it’s not unheard of to change careers, or to pursue a career later in life. We are seeing huge numbers of workers leave their jobs in dying industries in search of a better, more long-term solution.

We are seeing huge numbers of women joining the workforce as kids enter school, or they need to supplement income, or they simply want a new way to fulfill their vast potential.  Also there are a number of workers leave their jobs in search of ways to work for themselves, work from home, or better control their own business. And you can too.

Becoming an accountant is an answer to a variety of problems found amongst disillusioned workers in any industry, and can completely change your life. At Universal Accounting School we offer affordable, online programs with mentors and support to help you become an accountant in almost no time. Why? We’ve got 10 reasons!

  1. Accounting is a stable industry, of which businesses will always have need.
  2. When you become an accountant or finance coach, you have the option to work for a company, an accounting firm, or your own practice!
  3. Above Average Pay. Accounting is a well-paid job, particularly for the ease of work and hours required.
  4. Schedule Control. You are able to take a vacation when you need it – except maybe during tax season. You can work the hours that work for you!
  5. Increased Profits. If you take an accounting or profit growth course, you can start maximizing the profits of your accounting business to increase satisfaction and client retention for the best possible outcomes.
  6. Work for Yourself. Are you sick of reporting to a boss or heading into an office every day? Instead you can be your own boss, work from home, and complete your work in pajamas if you want.
  7. Light Workload. With the exception of tax season, the accountant’s workload is usually light, predictable, and manageable. You can enjoy a flexible schedule and plenty of relaxation.
  8. Fast Re-Entry to Workforce. If you’re making a career change or re-entering the workforce, you can do so very quickly with accountant certification. Jobs are available, and you’ll be ready.
  9. Affordable Training. You don’t need a mountain of student loan debt and time without income to conquer CPA training. It can be done in nights and weekends, or in a small amount of dedicated time without a job. Payment plans and scholarships exist to help you get the training you need, without the debt.
  10. Overall, the best reason to take our courses is the level of control you will retain – over everything! Your training, your finances, your schedule, and your entire life.

If any of these sound appealing to you – don’t wait. Check out Universal Accounting School today and take the steps to change your life.  What is your perfect solution?