2 Questions for Your Startup

There are lots of questions entrepreneurs ask themselves when considering a startup, including the following:

  • Am I self-motivated?
  • Do I have the necessary expertise?
  • Is this something I’m passionate about?
  • Will I like being self-employed?
  • Is it financial possible for me to launch my own business?

And all of those questions are important and worth your consideration.  But when it comes to determining the feasibility of your startup idea, Inc.com author Garry Tan says there are really only two questions that matter:

  1. What is the severity of need addressed by your product/service?
  2. How many people have that need?

Tan explains, “The best—and often the most successful—ideas service a huge need for a huge number of people.  …They practically sell themselves—and grow customers organically.”

If your startup idea fulfills a current need that a large demographic requires, your venture is more likely to succeed.  For years we’ve been saying that a tax preparation and accounting practice offers the perfect family of services.  Experts like Tan agree that in offering necessary services, you combat the negative impact of a depressed market.  Everyone must submit a tax returns and every business must perform accounting functions.  Whether or not the economy is experiencing a recession will not less the need for these services.

Increase Your Options and Your Earning Potential

Becoming a tax preparer enables you to increase your competitive advantage and your earning potential!  And the training necessary to become a tax preparer isn’t as long and painful as you might expect.  Universal Accounting Center has made it easy.

Our Professional Tax Preparer (PTP) program includes the following:

  • Informative video instruction
  • Full 1040 training
  • Full business return (1065, 1120, 1120S) training
  • One year follow-up Support from expert tax preparers

Many programs will lecture you on tax law and preparation practices, but Universal’s program is much more effective because it provides you with the hands-on practice that will perfect your skills.  Theory is taught as guiding principles, but the focus is on actually doing taxes to gain proficiency.

The PTP course consists of 20 hours of video training. Most tax preparation courses include books and some worksheets. Our training uses engaging and entertaining tax preparers who give practical advice on tax issues; they also provide real-world solutions that will give you the edge in productivity and profitability. Our instructors know what challenges you will face because they have been there themselves.

You also have also probably heard that the IRS has imposed stricter regulations on paid tax preparers, opening the door to a narrower margin of individuals willing to fulfill requirements which include additional training and required testing.  UAC’s Professional Tax Preparer program will enable you to become proficient in tax preparation while helping you comply with new IRS regulations.  Invest in a sure thing and become a tax preparer.  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7909 to start today!

Please leave your comments.  Do you feel an accounting and tax preparation business avoids much of the entrepreneurial risk?


Tan, Garry.  “The 2 Things about Your Start-up Idea that Actually Matter.” 23 January 2012