3 Reasons You Should Get Your Professional Tax Preparer Certification

In the world of accounting, there are far too many who limit themselves to what they learned getting their CPA degrees. They enter the workforce and find an acceptable job and stay relatively comfortable for their entire career. While this can be safe and expected, it may also be limiting your earning potential, dreams, and future possibilities.

At Universal Accounting, our entire mission is to help you continue your education to become the best accountant you can be, and to keep your options wide and lucrative. One of the best options is to become certified as a professional tax preparer.

What is a Professional Tax Preparer?

A professional tax preparer has particular skills and knowledge applicable to the tax code and can use careful training to prepare taxes more effectively for themselves and clients. More than just your family or business accountant who is taking care of your finances, a professional tax preparer is well versed in all the different tax benefits and programs which can benefit citizens or businesses.

3 Reasons You Should Get Your Professional Tax Preparer Certification

  1. Further Specialization. This certification allows you a deeper insight into the American tax code and federal laws surrounding it. You will better understand how to file your own taxes and how to help others. You can maximize your tax filing for profits, and become a better accountant in the process.
  2. Career Value. By taking this step, you immediately become more valuable. If you work for a firm or company, you become an asset that can earn them more money through tax filing – which often leads to a raise or promotion. If you work for yourself, you now have more clout and reputation you can use to increase your client pool .
  3. Increased Revenue. It may come in the form of a raise from your very happy company. It may come in the form of being able to break out into your own firm and maximizing your own profits. It may come through taking on private clients during the tax season and helping prepare their taxes as a side hustle or temporary gig. No matter what, this certification spells major dollars and cents for all who achieve it.

What are you waiting for? Professional tax preparer certification makes all the difference for accountants who are stagnant or bored in their current jobs, or for people looking to make a career change. And we can help you do it.