Are You a Workaholic – Part II


8 Tips in Achieving Balance in Your Personal and Professional Life

A businesswoman sits crosslegged, in a a peaceful lotus position.Last week you took our quiz to determine whether or not you are a workaholic. If you’re reading this now we’re guessing that you realize that you are indeed overworking yourself and it is negatively impacting your personal life. If achieving a healthy balance between your work and personal lives is important then you’ll find the following 8 tips to be extremely helpful:1. Join a recovery groupWhether you’re an extreme or budding workaholic you may find a recovery group to be helpful. Workaholics Anonymous has meetings around the globe and you might find local groups that can help you better balance your life. There you will find like-minded professionals who can provide you with practical tips and techniques in recovering from workaholism.2. Determine your true prioritiesBefore you can balance your life you must first determine what your priorities are. Workaholics are generally value -driven individuals who have confused their priorities a bit, coming to view excessive work as a representation of a strong work ethic, the desire to provide for their families, and the will to be a successful and valued professional. You must reflect on what really matters to you and then list your priorities so you can begin scheduling for them. With workaholics, often what matters most gets the least amount of time and attention.3. Schedule what you valueNow that you’ve determined what your true priorities are, you can schedule accordingly. If family is important to you then you must ensure that you can spend quality time with them. This will mean setting limits for yourself. At what time will you stop working and start concentrating on personal priorities? This may require an initial concerted effort, but after time you will come to appreciate this new-found balance.4. Step away from your plannerWorkaholics tend to overschedule their work week, planning for too many meetings and appointments than are reasonable. As a recovering workaholic you need to learn how to underschedule, giving yourself time between appointments to prepare, reflect and make necessary action items that will enable you to work more effectively.5. Take your multitasking habits to taskIf part of your workaholism includes an unhealthy amount of multitasking you need to practice moving from one task to the next without become distracted by other projects or tasks. This will require a fair amount of concentration and focus.6. Schedule breaksIf you’re reading this, chances are you’re the type of professional who sees a gap in your schedule as the chance to get more done, to leap ahead, to log one more billable hour. But remember, if you don’t take a break now and then (at least 30 minutes total throughout the course of your workday) you’ll find yourself paying for it later, either in sick time or with feelings of burnout.7. Safeguard your healthThe healthier you are the more energy you’ll have to run your business. If you haven’t already, schedule in daily time for exercise and/or meditation. Also, ensure that you’re eating foods that will fuel your work activities, enabling your mind to be sharp and alert.8. Substitute activitiesWorkaholics Anonymous recommends that you stop adding new activities to your schedule. Instead substitute, remembering that each new item you add to your schedule should replace one with equal time and energy requirements. This forces you to recognize that your time is a limited resource that should be measured accordingly.Small business owners, more than most, are extremely susceptible to becoming workaholics as they strive to not only keep their businesses afloat, but see that they are profitable enough to sustain their families and often a support staff as well. While it may be difficult to take these steps to better balance your life, the rewards will be innumerable. And as you attend to your personal needs and better prioritize your time, you’ll find yourself rejuvenated and refreshed so you can tackle your business with a renewed sense of vigor and dedication.ResourceWorkaholics Anonymous

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